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09/30. At least 39 E. coli Cases in MI, IL, NY, OH and OR

09/30. More People Ill in Growing Michigan Lettuce E. coli Outbreak

09/30. Medical examiner: Man died from oysters

09/30. Bacteria found in clams from restaurant

09/30. Death toll rises to 19 from listeriosis linked to Ontario plant

09/30. Outbreak of Salmonella Serotype Saintpaul Infections Associated With Produce

09/30. Teen fights for life after E. coli outbreak

09/30. 6 year old E.coli Victim Returns Home

09/30. 4 more cases of E. coli at home day care

09/30. Norway: Food poisoning toll rises


09/29. Aunt Mid’s Produce Company E.coli-contaminated Lettuce Linked to Illnesses

09/29. Aunt Mid’s Produce Company E. coli Linked to Lettuce in Michigan Illnesses

09/29. Macedonia: More pastry poisoning in Skopje

09/29. Danes die of salmonella

09/29. Health officials investigate potential salmonella outbreak

09/29. UK: West Fife family struck down by E.coli after holiday

09/29. Michigan E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak Lined to Bagged Lettuce

09/29. Norwegian diabetes gala hit by food poisoning


09/26. Sweden: Sabotage suspected in mass food poisoning

09/26. 2nd case of E-coli found at daycare

09/25. Two gorillas have become the latest victims of China’s toxic melamine milk powder health scandal

09/25. More Salmonella Cases!

09/25. Philippines: DoH eyes salmonella in Tondo food poisoning


09/24. Woman dead months after son died of mad cow disease

09/24. Patient recovering as 2nd case of listeriosis confirmed in New Brunswick

09/24. More salmonella cases linked to IHOPs third closing

09/24. E. Coli cases grow to 24

09/24. MSU E. coli Linked to Eight Cases State-Wide; Source Unknown

09/24. California’s Forest Ranch E. coli Count Reaches 21


09/23. Spinach-associated E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak, UT, NM, 2006

09/23. More E. coli Outbreaks Reported in Michigan

09/23. SoCal Salmonella Outbreak Tied To Turtle Exposure

09/23. Salmonella hits Wales

09/23. Fundraiser participants' E. coli count reaches 21 illnesses

09/23. Officials focus on MSU food in E. coli outbreak

09/23. S. Africa: Food poisoning scare


09/22. Number of people getting sick from clams continues to climb

09/22. Tri-tip served at fundraiser is likely culprit in E. coli outbreak

09/22. Benefit Held For Boy With E-Coli

09/22. Child dies after E. coli infection

09/22. Officials investigate 17 more possible E. coli cases at MSU

09/22. Philippines: Food poisoning victims hit 112

09/22. 13,000 Babies in Hospital for China Formula


09/19. New Salmonella Cases

09/19. E. coli Cases Increasing At MSU

09/19. Malaysia: Restaurant ordered closed after more than 100 fall ill

09/19. Medics suspected food poisoning before woman’s ‘mushroom’ death

09/19. S. Africa: Food poisoning hospitalizes 45 pupils


09/18. Thousands sick, arrests made in China milk scandal

09/18. Spain: Dozens of Hep A Cases Linked to Shellfish from Peru

09/18. Source of infectious outbreak still unknown

09/18. Manitoba infant dies of listeriosis

09/18. E coli O111 outbreak apparently over

09/18. Health Officials Warn of E. Coli Outbreak in Butte County

09/18. Possible E. coli cases at MSU climb to 14


09/17. Another Raw Milk Producer Linked to Campylobacter Illness

09/17. E. coli Outbreak Update

09/17. Malaysia: Bride’s dad dies, guests hit by food poisoning

09/17. China toxic milk powder kills 3, thousands sick


09/16. Bacterial infection of three residents could be from bad milk

09/16. N.B. woman who died had listeria linked to Maple Leaf products

09/16. E. coli link between Port Townsend, other locales investigated

09/16. Oklahoma E coli Outbreak Sickens Nearly 300

09/16. 10 MSU students likely infected with E. coli

09/16. Infants' deaths rekindle anger over food safety

09/16. New E. coli Outbreak Emerging at Michigan State University

09/16. China Arrests 2 in Milk Scandal as Number of Sick Infants Rises


09/15. Baptist Church Ladies Tea Linked to Country Cottage E. coli Outbreak

09/15. Tainted Raw Milk Likely Cause of Campylobacteriosis Outbreak

09/15. Number of E. coli Cases in Oklahoma Approaches 300

09/15. Russian tourists hit by suspected food poisoning at Egypt hotel

09/15. 09/12. 248 people stricken by E. coli O111 Linked to Country Cottage

09/12. Local peas linked to stomach illness

09/12. Oklahoma Food Poisoning Lawsuits Likely Following E. Coli Outbreak


09/11. Attorneys File Five Lawsuits in Salmonella Food Poisoning Aftermath

09/11. Outbreak of Campylobacter enteritis in Southcentral Alaska

09/10. Health officials confirm 15th death in countrywide listeriosis outbreak

09/10. UK: Chickenat Runcorn takeaway blamed for salmonella outbreak

09/10. Multiple Lawsuits Likely in Deadly Oklahoma E. coli Outbreak

09/10. Unusual E coli strain sickens 231 in Oklahoma

09/10. 87 hospitalized with food poisoning in Macedonia

09/10. Raw oyster food-poisoning victims rise to 149 in Macao


09/08. Salmonella Confirmed at Sarigerme Holiday Resort in Turkey

09/08. Quebec Health officials fear listeriosis outbreak linked to cheese will grow

09/08. N.B. confirms listeriosis death, but no link yet to national outbreak

09/08. Mass food poisoning at Volgograd Olympic school

09/08. Slicers blamed for food poisoning

09/08. UK: School staff are hit by food bug

09/08. 141 people food-poisoned after eating tainted oyster in Macao


09/05. Sprouts Responsible for Salmonella Illnesses in WA and OR

09/05. More Macau food poisoning

09/05. Jesse Jackson down with food poisoning

09/04. Canadian prime minister promises independent investigation of Maple Leaf outbreak

09/04. Ukraine: Outbreak of food poisoning hits Kyiv

09/04. India: Cause of Kakori food poisoning still unknown


09/03. 15 raw milk drinkers in Del Norte fall ill

09/03. UK: Oldbury eatery shut in salmonella scare

09/03. Oklahoma Center of the Largest E. coli O111 Outbreak in US History

09/03. Filipino seamen downed by food poisoning on chemical tanker

09/03. Canadian PM vows probe of food poisoning outbreak


09/02. Canada Listeriosis Outbreak Claims 12th Victim in Ontario

09/02. Salmonella Cheese Kills 1 and Sickens Nearly 90 In Quebec

09/02. E. coli outbreak in Oklahome kills one, sickens 200


08/28. Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak Officially Over

08/28. Fifth Alberta listeriosis case probed for Maple Leaf links

08/28. UK: Seven cases of E.coli investigated

08/28. Salmonella outbreak looks to be over in U.S.

08/28. Food poisoning strikes more than 250 trainee soldiers in Sri Lanka


08/27. 40 sickened, 17 hospitalized and 1 death in Oklahoma E. coli Outbreak

08/27. Spain probes possible fourth human case of mad cow disease

08/27. Campylobacteriosis on the rise in county

08/27. Medical officer doubts listeria behind camp illnesses

08/27. Europe: Salmonella outbreak affects 144

08/27. Toddler slowly recovers from E. coli at Children's Hospital in Denver

08/27. E. Coli confirmed, health investigators say

08/27. 1 Dead, At Least 41 Hospitalized in Oklahoma E. Coli Outbreak

08/27. 40 students in hospital with food poisoning in Chennai

08/27. Oklahoma Food Poisoning Outbreak Growing, Cause Unconfirmed


08/26. Listeria fears grow after camp workers get sick

08/26. Ireland: Doubts persist at factory in salmonella inquiry

08/26. Health Dept: Norovirus Caused Bar-B-Q Center Illnesses

08/26. Death Reported, as Suspected E. coli Outbreak in Oklahoma Grows

08/26. Food poisoning scare in eastern Oklahoma

08/26. Canada says 12 dead in food poisoning outbreak


08/25. Chad Ingle, 28, dies of E. coli after eating at Country Cottage

08/25. E. coli Outbreak Linked to Country Cottage

08/25. One dead, 11 sickened in possible E. coli outbreak


08/19. Salmonella outbreak spreads to Sweden and France

08/19. New Salmonella Outbreak in Sante Fe

08/18. Sri Lanka: Teenager dies of food poisoning

08/18. Illness halts raw milk program


08/15. Irish meat plant linked to Finnish Salmonella cases

08/15. Salmonella outbreak winds down; questions remain

08/15. Food Blamed in Illnesses of U.S. Athletes

08/15. Pedigree Recall Linked to Salmonella Poisoning

08/15. Malaysia: More Than 300 Students Down With Food Poisoning

08/15. UK: Update on salmonella outbreak

08/15. UK: Third update on salmonella outbreak


08/14. Salmonella cases reported in county

08/14. Rare Salmonella outbreak spreads to Wales

08/14. Guelph E. coli Outbreak Over, Mercer Says

08/14. Possible Food Poisoning Outbreak

08/14. Outagamie County jail illness blamed on food poisoning

08/13. Rare outbreak of salmonella in the Lothians

08/13. Saudi Arabia: Food contamination suspected as two children die in Madinah


08/12. UK: Salmonella outbreak – poultry meat investigated

08/12. Brunei: Food Poisoning Hits KB School

08/11. E. coli Cases Linked to Nebraska Beef in cases now linked nationwide

08/11. E. coli Linked from Cow to Victims and Simsbury Town Farm Dairy

08/11. Ireland: Food Poisoning Outbreak

08/11. Malaysia: School canteen closed after food poisoning

08/11. Komura: China admits 4 poisoned by gyoza


08/08. UK: Salmonella Agona outbreak update

08/08. E. coli Poisoned Boy Scouts Tops 80- Burger linked to Sodexo, S&S Foods

08/08. Campylobacter Infection Strikes Consumers of Raw Milk in California

08/08. UK: Salmonella outbreak kills 70-year-old woman

08/08. Buncombe County investigating 3 salmonella cases

08/08. 'Irish link' to Salmonella cases

08/08. UK: Nursery shuts after E.coli cases

08/08. Ireland: Kildare plant investigated in salmonella cases

08/08. Hong Kong: 54 ill in food poisoning cases


08/07. E. coli-tainted Hamburger Matches Ill Boy Scouts

08/07. Chips transmit illness at wedding reception in Rochester

08/07. Source of Restaurant Salmonella Sickness

08/07. Confirmed Canadian E. coli Cases Up

08/07. Source Of E.Coli Outbreak Possibly Found

08/07. Guelph food poisoning

08/07. Japan kept quiet on food scare at China's request: FM


08/06. UK: Salmonella Agona outbreak

08/06. Shigella sweeping across nation; cases surge in Palm Beach County

08/06. Denmark: Salmonella source eludes experts

08/06. Rare salmonella bug hits Scotland

08/06. Consumer in China also suffered food poisoning after eating dumplings

08/06. China admits domestic food poisoning


08/05. Massachusetts, Quebec and Other States E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak

08/05. UK, Irish Experts investigate cause of salmonella outbreak

08/05. Boy Scout Official Confirms Ground Beef Positive for E. coli

08/05. Mass. scrutinizes 6 cases of E. coli

08/05. Ireland: Inquiry into food poisoning cases


08/04. Beef Tainted by E. Coli at Scout Camp, Officials Say

08/04. Hong Kong: Food poisoning cases

08/04. Canada: Mass food poisoning blamed on lobster

08/04. Bulgaria: Several people suffer from food- poisoning

08/04. Ireland: Inquiry after salmonella outbreak

08/04. China: Two suspected food poisoning cases under investigation

08/04. Stip teen treated from Montenegro's food poisoning dies


08/01. E.coli Lawsuit Filed After Infant Gets Sick

08/01. Nine From Scout Camp Hospitalized With E. Coli

08/01. Salmonella Outbreak at the Tavern

08/01. P.F. Chang's Closes After Illness Reports


07/31. E.Coli in Auburn believed to be contained

07/31. Philippines: 26 downed by food poisoning in Isabela

07/31. Philippines: DOH to verify Antique town food poisoning

07/30. Eight may have gotten Shigella from Ore. country fair

07/30. Nine sick with E. coli in SE Neb.

07/30. Philippines: Food poisoning downs 23 persons in Argao

07/30. Investigation of Outbreak of Infections Caused by Salmonella Saintpaul


07/29. Dorothy Lane Market Recalls Beef Products For E. coli

07/29. Vietnam: 67 cholera patients recorded in July

07/29. Canada: Salmonella outbreak prompts alert

07/29. Hong Kong: Tour group hit by food poisoning

07/29. Over 90 children hospitalized for food poisoning in Russia’s Siberia


07/28. E. coli Links Nebraska, Georgia, California

07/28. New Zealand: ARPHS investigates Norovirus contamination

07/28. Spike in salmonella cases concerns B.C. health officials

07/28. Marathon County, state probing food-linked illness in Rothschild

07/24. Raw Milk Causing Illness in East, Midwest and West

07/24. Contaminated Clevedon oysters make 73 sick

07/24. Vietnam: Cases of food poisoning drop but patients increase

07/24. Trinidad: 90 Police Trainees Suffer Food Poisoning


07/21. 200-plus in upstate county sickened by norovirus

07/21. Shigellosis cases grow in region; 100 infected

07/21. E. coli Illnesses Spread to Six States

07/21. Two arrested for S. China food poisoning deaths

07/21. India: 56 affected by food poisoning in Assam

07/21. Hong Kong DoH Investigates Food Poisoning Cases


07/17. Georgia Finally Joins List of E. coli Outbreak States, CDC

07/17. UK: Teen with nut allergy dies on High Street

07/17. Nigeria: Over 12 students, others poisoned in Benue

07/17. Hong Kong: 10 treated for food poisoning

07/17. Food poisoning possible at Galveston County Jail


07/16. Anderson County resident diagnosed with Salmonella

07/16. Massachusetts records 26 salmonella cases

07/16. Another salmonella case reported in NH

07/16. In Salmonella Outbreak, Lawyer Says: ‘No One to Sue'

07/16. E. Coli Outbreak Expands To A Total Of 5 States - CDC

07/16. Five sickened by toxic grouper

07/16. Vietnam suspects anthrax in mass food poisoning


07/15. Salmonella Sickness Toll Climbs to 1,148

07/15. E. coli linked to beef now reported in 5 states

07/15. Australia: Nursing home deaths: Old food blamed for outbreak

07/15. South Africa: Oyster festival disturbed by virus bug

07/15. Philippines: Cause of Tubungan school food poisoning unknown

07/15. Health officials investigate possible food poisoning of 40

07/14. Faye Bryant, Moultrie Fights Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Cause

07/14. Salmonella Cluster Found In Eastern Missouri

07/14. India: Three of family die due to suspected food poisoning


07/11. E. coli Sickens Several Moultrie Residents

07/11. Investigators assess uptick in N.C. salmonella cases

07/11. 19 salmonella cases confirmed in Michigan

07/11. 49 Arizonans stricken with salmonella

07/11. Philippines: 48 children hit by ‘food poisoning’

07/11. CDC, FDA Salmonella Outbreak Investigation


07/10. Georgia E. Coli Illnesses Linked to Nebraska Beef E. coli Re

07/10. Health district reports Vegas-area salmonella case

07/10. South GA E-Coli source confirmed

07/10. Philippines: Food poisoning downs 48 students in Iloilo: rep

07/10. Vietnam: 42 cases died of food poisoning in first half


07/09. FDA unlikely to trace 'smoking gun' in salmonella outbreak

07/09. KDHE Identifies Cases Linked To Harvey County Salmonella Out

07/09. Jalapenos linked to salmonella outbreak; more than 1,000 ill

07/09. New salmonella cases renew Bay State warnings

07/09. Swedish two-year-old dies from E.coli: officials

07/09. UK: E.coli infection over in Welshpool

07/09. Hundreds Seeking Compensation for Food Poisoning After Stayi


07/08. Lovejoy Man Dies After Eating Crab Meat At Restaurant

07/08. Vietnam: Ha Giang: Over 400 poisoned for eating dead beef

07/08. Cdn. travellers to U.S. contract salmonella

07/08. Health warning issued after N.B. shellfish food poisoning


07/07. Nine Georgians and Moultrie Barbecue Pit Latest Victims

07/07. Unnamed MD Health Official Fingers Jalapeno Peppers as Cause

07/07. CDC Update of MI and OH E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak

07/07. Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak Update From CDC

07/07. Salmonella Saintpaul reported in Canada

07/07. Advice to Consumers – Update of Salmonella Saintpaul Situation in Canada


07/03. 10 salmonella cases reported in state

07/03. 21 sickened at Palo Alto hotel

07/02. Virus could have sickened 21 at Crowne Plaza

07/02. Vietnam: Many diseases hit the country

07/02. State has counted a total of 21 tomato-related salmonella ca

07/02. 3 Nassau County residents fall ill with salmonella

07/02. Salmonella outbreak sickens 4,000 Danes

07/02. Hong Kong: 38 ill with food poisoning


07/01. E. coli Cases in Colquitt County

07/01. E Coli investigation expands

07/01. Tomato scare may be mistake

07/01. Source Of E. coli Outbreak Named

07/01. CDC investigates possible non-tomato salmonella sources

07/01. China: Police confirm rat poisoning was deliberate

07/01. Kenya: Alarm over food poisoning


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