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12/30. Norovirus is going around, officials warn

12/30. 2 dead, 5 wounded at Church's Chicken

12/30. The Year in Sprouts, 2011

12/29. Raw milk E. coli outbreak and HUS in Washington state: Cozy Valley Dairy to be sued

12/28. Woman, 64, almost killed by Plymouth E.coli outbreak

12/28. Norovirus outbreak spread to nursing home in Castle Rock

12/27. Tests Confirm Enfamil Not Involved in Infant Death

12/26. What the Hell is Cronobacter sakazakii, formerly Enterobacter sakazakii?

12/22. Canadian and US officials issue pepper Salmonella warnings

12/22. Baby death sees Mead Johnson infant formula stripped off shelves

12/21. Allergen Alert: Undeclared Milk in Dominican Bread

12/21. Investigation Announcement: Multistate Outbreak of Human Salmonella Typhimurium Infections Linked to Ground Beef

12/21. 16 Ill in Salmonella Ground Beef Outbreak

12/20. Hannaford Salmonella Outbreak - A Growing Antibiotic-Resistance Trend

12/20. Don Julio's Reopens Following Salmonella Outbreak Investigation

12/20. Paul Schwarz Sr.'s death brings Listeria cantaloupe toll to 31 killed

12/19. 'High levels' of Listeria trigger UK salmon recall

12/19. Investigation Announcement: Multistate Outbreak of Human Salmonella Typhimurium Infections Linked to Ground Beef

12/19. Investigation Update on the ms Ryndam

12/19. Organic Pastures raw milk products released from quarantine after E. coli O157:H7 outbreak and 3 HUS illnesses


12/16. How's your burrito Chicago: the El Gran Burrito Salmonella Outbreak, July 2011

12/16. Bad Eggs Benedict: Crowne Plaza Hotel (Portland) Staph Aureus Outbreak

12/15. Diagnosis and Treatment of Reactive Arthritis: notes for victims of Don Julio Salmonella Outbreak

12/14. 6-30% of Don Julio Salmonella outbreak victims may develop reactive arthritis

12/14. 7-31% of Don Julio Salmonella victims likely to develop irritable bowel syndrome

12/14. Don Julio Salmonella Outbreak - How Serious and How Large?

12/13. First E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Crabmeat

12/13. 59 Mississippi Salmonella Illnesses Linked to Corinth Don Julio Mexican Restaurant

12/13. Investigation Announcement: Multistate Outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 Infections Linked to Romaine Lettuce

12/13. CDC Outbreak Response Team - 2011 was a Busy Year

12/12. Premier botulism scare 'a complete mystery'

12/12. Don't lick the holiday cookie bowl: Raw dough linked to previous E. coli outbreaks

12/12. Corinth restaurant, Don Julio's, closed amidst Salmonella outbreak


12/09. Dozens ill after eating at Minnesota ballroom

12/09. Multistate Listeriosis Linked to Whole Cantaloupes from Jensen Farms, Colorado officially over

12/09. Raw Cookie Dough Can Harbor E. coli

12/09. Cookie dough linked to 2009 E.Coli outbreak

12/09. Deadly US cantaloupe listeria outbreak over - CDC

12/08. Deadly Listeria Cantaloupe Count - 30 Dead, 1 Miscarriage with 146 Sick

12/08. Missouri E. coli Outbreaks: Schnuck's and outbreaks past

12/08. Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak and hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS)

12/08. Prior E. coli Outbreaks Tied to Lettuce

12/08. 60 Ill with E. coli in Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska Due to Romaine Lettuce

12/07. Sick'nd by Chik'n? Food police take the fun out of fungus meat

12/07. Fat Duck had single worst restaurant norovirus outbreak, says study

12/06. Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak New Numbers Due This Week

12/05. Disease linked to E. coli is serious

12/05. Washington Raw Milk Dairy Recalls and Outbreaks: past and present

12/05. Allergen Alert: Soy in Frozen Chicken Products


12/01. Colorado Listeria victim: a profile in pain

11/29. No Hearing Scheduled on Deadly Listeria Outbreak

11/28. Another Raw Milk Dairy E. coli Outbreak in Washington and a bad month for Raw Milk

11/28. Raw milk: at least 1401 victims from 1998 to 2011

11/28. Five-star hotel's chicken pate 'to blame for 80 guests falling sick' after fundraiser


11/24. Cozy Vale Creamery's Raw Milk Linked to Three E. coli Illnesses in Washington

11/23. St. Louis E. Coli Victims Are Home for Holidays

11/23. 179 Salmonella Heidelberg Illnesses Linked to Schreiber Processing in NY, NJ, PA, MD, OH, and MN

11/22. More on Chicken Jerky Pet Treat Alert

11/21. E. coli Week - Raw Milk, Bagged Salad and St. Louis


11/18. Salmonella Peanut Butter - Again?

11/17. Get the Real Raw Milk Facts from Updated Website

11/17. Report Enhances Public Understanding of E. coli

11/16. Organic Pastures Raw Milk Dairy Recall Announced by CDFA after Five Kids Sickened

11/16. Rocky Road Ahead for Cantaloupe After Listeria Outbreak

11/16. Second Salmonella Turkish Pine Nut Lawsuit filed in New York

11/16. Chicken processor fined after worker fractures backs

11/15. Schreiber Processing should pay medical bills of Chicken Liver Victims

11/15. Salmonella Week - Turkish Pine Nuts and Kosher Chicken Liver


11/02. State Fair Units All Suspect in North Carolina Outbreak

11/02. 3 more deaths attributed to contaminated alcohol wipes

11/01. Another Texas Cantaloupe Listeria Lawsuit Filed in Texas

11/01. Investigation of North Carolina E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak Continues - Number of Ill Reduced by Two

11/01. North Carolina Adjusts Outbreak Toll

10/31. Department of Health and Senior Services continues to assist in food borne illness investigation

10/31. Store Salad Bars Implicated in St. Louis Outbreak

10/31. Schnuck's E. coli Outbreak: dozens ill, but good epidemiology may have saved lives

10/31. 42 in Six States Sickened by Salmonella by Wegmans Pine Nuts

10/31. Illinois investigating E coli illness


10/28. Suspected Foodborne Illness Strikes 14 in Metro St. Louis, MO Area

10/27. Pine nuts cause Salmonella outbreak; Wegmans issues recall

10/27. More McNees Meats E. coli O157:NM illnesses in Michigan?

10/27. State investigates seven E. coli cases in Wake County

10/26. 7 E. Coli Cases in Wake County, North Carolina

10/26. Three More Deaths in Growing Listeriosis Outbreak

10/25. 6 ill from Organic Eggs ? What's in your kitchen

10/25. Improper handwashing in school factor in Wisconsin E. coli outbreak


10/20. 25 deaths from cantaloupes ? newest state PA

10/20. Larry Schultz Organic Egg Farm Linked to Salmonella Illnesses


10/13. Death toll rises again from tainted Cantaloupes

10/11. Louisiana Deaths Linked to Listeria Outbreak

10/10. CDC: 21 dead, 109 sick as cantaloupe outbreak expands

10/10. Hepatitis A warning issued for patrons of Pasta Alla Rosa Restaurant in Allentown, PA

10/10. Wisconsin student treated for E. coli


10/06. With Wyoming Death and Iowa Miscarriage, Listeria Cantaloupe Death Toll is 20

10/05. 100 Sick with 18 Deaths Linked to Listeria Cantaloupe

10/04. Democrats Want Congress to Investigate Listeria Outbreak

10/04. Cargill Ground Turkey Outbreak Toll Climbs to 129


09/29. Top Three Death Counts in Foodborne Illness Outbreaks in US have been Listeria

09/29. Too Early to Know 'Root Cause' of Listeria Outbreak

09/29. Cargill Ground Turkey Positive for Outbreak Strain

09/27. Palo Duro recalls 40,000 pounds of beef products

09/26. Past food poisoning lawsuits in Oklahoma from Listeria lawyers and attorneys

09/26. Nebraska: 1 Dead, 6 Sick from Listeria Cantalopue

09/26. Bravo Farms and Costco Raw Milk Cheese E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak

09/26. Listeria Cantaloupe Toll - 13 deaths - 74 infected in 16 states


09/23. Student At Chatham University Diagnosed With Typhoid Fever

09/23. DPHHS reports several outbreaks of norovirus, provides prevention tips

09/22. Pesticide-contaminated food sickens 89 children, 5 adults in Peruvian hamlet; 3 children die

09/22. Death toll in cantaloupe outbreak rises to 8

09/22. 2nd listeria death in Colo. linked to cantaloupe

09/21. Up to seven deaths may be linked to tainted cantaloupe

09/20. FDA Finds "Smoking Cantaloupe" - FDA confirms Listeria monocytogenes on Jensen Farms' and Frontera's Rocky Ford-brand cantaloupes

09/20. Last Day for Cheddar's Patrons to Receive Hepatitis A Vaccine

09/20. CDC: Listeria Outbreak - 35 ill, 4 dead in California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia - I think it is 50 ill, 7 dead with Missouri, Wyoming and Kansas too

09/19. Food handler at Texas restaurant tests positive for Hep A

09/19. Settlement Reached in Listeria Death

09/19. Egyptian veg import restrictions to be lifted but sprout ban stays, says EU


09/15. Wisconsin E. coli Outbreak Claims Life of 1-year-old Girl

09/15. Global partnership unlocks secrets of deadly E.coli 0104 bacteria

09/14. CDC Investigating Listeriosis Outbreak Linked to Rocky Ford Cantaloupes

09/14. 9 Cases of Listeria with 3 Deaths Identified in New Mexico and Potentially Linked to Cantaloupes

09/14. The Big Six: USDA's Newest Banned Bugs

09/14. French botulism alert raised in US, Cargill recalls more ground turkey

09/14. Monterey County Warns of Vibrio in Oysters


09/08. Salmonella Outbreak From Spanish Eggs Over, Says UK

09/08. Two Deaths in Colorado Listeria Outbreak

09/08. Vibrio Closes Some Oysters Beds in Washington

09/07. Tapenade Linked to Eight Botulism Cases in France

09/06. Giants RF Beltran a late scratch due to either food poisoning or flu

09/05. Nine cases of Listeriosis confirmed in Colorado, resulting in two deaths.

09/05. Colorado Warns Public of Listeria Outbreak


09/02. Don't Let Foodborne Bacteria Bug Your Dinner

09/01. Del Monte's Shot Crosses Food Safety's Bow

08/31. Toddler recovering from E. coli at Cowans Gap lake

08/30. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Oregon Mexican Restaurant

08/30. Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Papaya Over, Says CDC


08/25. Investigation Update: Multistate Outbreak of Human Salmonella Altona and Salmonella Johannesburg Infections Linked to Chicks and Ducklings

08/23. Tainted Vinegar Kills 11 in China

08/23. Last Day for Olive Garden Patrons to Receive Hepatitis A Vaccine

08/23. EU Sends Team to Test Egyptian Seeds

08/22. Oregon E. coli Strawberries Linked to 14 Ill and 1 Dead

08/22. Food Safety News feature: Meat Industry Told to Brace for 'Big Six' Listing


08/18. Deer Confirmed as Source of Strawberry Outbreak

08/18. E. coli infection numbers climb to 13 from Cowans Gap

08/18. Peanut Corporation of America Salmonella Outbreak (9 dead, 700 ill) Revisited

08/17. Salmonella Lawsuit Descends Upon Cargill

08/17. E. coli in Water Sickens 11 at Ogden Valley Campground

08/17. 13 Confirmed E. coli Infections from Water at Cowans Gap; 8 With Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

08/16. Water Quality May Be Factor in GBS Outbreak

08/16. Thousands Immunized After Hepatitis A Scare

08/16. Two More Illnesses May Be Tied to Oregon Strawberries

08/16. Shigella, Crypto Illnesses Reported in Kentucky

08/16. Investigation Update: Multistate Outbreak of Human Salmonella Heidelberg Infections Linked to Ground Turkey

08/16. Two Kids from Daycare in Lynnwood Test Positive for E. coli

08/16. Hundreds may have been exposed to hep A at N.C. Olive Garden


08/02. Looking for answers in tragic E. coli death of 5-year-old Indiana girl

08/02. ER Reports More Food Poisoning Cases With Heat Wave

08/01. Raw Milk Threat Continues in Alaska

08/01. 77 Ill - Public Health Alert - Turkey May Contain Salmonella in 26 States

08/01. Ground Turkey adds to Three Decades of Salmonella Heidelberg Outbreaks

08/01. State Health and Agriculture Departments, Allegheny County Health Department Warn Consumers Harmful Bacteria May Reside in Glass-Bottled Milk from Brunton Dairy, Beaver County

08/01. Wyoming Campylobacter Outbreak Wanes


07/28. More Radioactive Beef Found in Japan

07/28. Is Europe's Outbreak Over?

07/28. Papaya Outbreak Strain Also Seen in 2010

07/26. Investigation Announcement: Multistate Outbreak of Human Salmonella Agona Infections Linked to Whole, Fresh Imported Papayas

07/26. More Victims of Guillain-Barré Syndrome Along the U.S. - Mexico Border

07/26. Arizona Department of Health Services Reports Campylobacter Caused Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)

07/25. Mexican Papayas Blamed for Salmonella Outbreak

07/25. Salmonella and Campylobacter Found on Raw Chicken Sold at Farmers' Markets

07/25. Company Recalls Fish Product That May Be Contaminated with Clostridium Botulinum Spores


07/21. Outbreak: German Task Force's Final Report

07/21. If you Poisoned 241 5-year-olds, would you stop selling Salmonella Frogs?

07/21. Investigation Update: Ongoing Outbreak of Human Salmonella Typhimurium Infections Associated with African Dwarf Frogs

07/19. Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC): Update on outbreak in the EU

07/18. Salmonella Prison Outbreak in Pennsylvania Sickens Hundreds

07/18. Tucker Adkins Dairy Raw Milk Linked to Campylobacter Illnesses

07/18. Another 41 Cases Added to EU Outbreak Toll


07/15. Yerba Mate Inhibits Foodborne Pathogens

07/15. Chronology of the E. coli O104:H4 Outbreak Investigation - The German EHEC Task Force Final Results

07/15. Wyoming Reports a Recent Increase in Campylobacter Infections

07/15. Asymptomatic E. coli Infections Pose New EU Threat

07/14. Florida case of vibrio linked to oysters

07/14. ECDC Concerned by Asymptomatic E. coli O104:H4 Cases

07/14. Food poisoning at Ukrainian youth summer camp sickens 85

07/13. Spoiled leftovers blamed for food poisoning that sickens 42 children in China

07/13. Euro Outbreak Numbers Continue To Climb

07/13. One C. difficile death and two new cases at Guelph General Hospital

07/11. Egyptian Ministry Denies Responsibility for E. coli O104:H4 Outbreak

07/11. Potato Soup and Botulism: A Cautionary Tale

07/11. CDC Confirms E. Coli O104:H4 Death in Arizona

07/08. More Cases in Outbreak Tied to Idaho Sprouts

07/08. DSHS Issues Precautions to Control Shigellosis

07/08. Kill the Microbiological Data Program? Nasty bugs like E. coli and Salmonella say YES

07/08. Thailand finds E.coli in European avocados

07/07. Four French, including baby in a coma, linked to E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak in Lilie

07/07. With a 5 year shelf life, dangerous fenugreek seeds may still be in the international marketplace

07/06. One Egyptian Seed Shipment: Two Outbreaks

07/06. Unnamed Egyptian Fenugreek Seed Grower and Unnamed German Importer Responsible for 4,200 Illnesses and 50 Deaths

07/04. Investigation Announcement: Multistate Outbreak of Human Salmonella Enteritidis Infections Linked to Alfalfa Sprouts and Spicy Sprouts

07/04. UK company confirms sprouting seeds came from Egypt

07/04. France has its first E. coli death

07/04. E. coli outbreak may be traced to Egypt seeds

07/04. E. coli O26 Infects Idaho Camp Roommates




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