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12/20. Neogen launches aflatoxin test for corn

12/17. Bactest "GEMINI" Meets Demand for Single Sample Microbiology

12/14. Smart Label senses spoilage in packaged meat and poultry

12/10. MIT Advances Its Quest to Identify Life-Threatening Bacteria

12/10. MIT Installs Two Bacteria Identification Systems in Japan

12/10. Simultaneous, Rapid Detection of Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA

12/10. Improved Identification of Streptococci and Enterococci

12/10. Improved Workflow with VIDAS® Heat and Go


12/05. Eliminating L. monocytogenes on hot dogs by infrared treatment

12/05. Scripps scientists develop faster tests on mad cow disease

12/04. MIT 1000 Rapid Microbial Identification System

12/03. Desert Tech gives thumbs up to E.coli test kit

12/03. Nanotechnology candy to thwart bioterrorism and food contami

12/03. Biolog, Inc. has launched its 3rd generation microbial ID system

12/03. Improved Identificationof Streptococci and Enterococci


11/30. Antioxidant chestnut extracts to preserve foods

11/30. Grape extract can preserve meat: study

11/30. Disinfectant wine

11/30. Speedy detection of food-borne pathogens

11/30. Raleigh company's kit detects poison in food

11/26. DuPont Unit Releases 8-Hour Listeria Field Test

11/26. New Laser Based Technology Fast, Low Cost Microbial Identification


11/20. Magnetic Nanoparticles Detect And Remove Harmful Bacteria

11/19. Concentration Modules Improve Coliform Recovery from Water

11/19. Q Chip's ReaX™ Assays Speed up Bacterial Identification

11/19. New BAX® System Eight-Hour Listeria Test

11/19. Lab M's New Coliform Medium for Milk

11/16. EAPIMS's Cookout Helps Monitor Foods for QA/QC

11/16. Two New Studies Confirm Effectiveness of E. Coli Vaccine

11/15. Kit cuts pathogen detection time down to hours

11/14. Cranberry and oregano zap seafood bug

11/14. A Chromogenic Method for Early ID of Vibrio vulnificus


11/13. Danish green-light gives Preventase the run of EU

11/13. JFP Publishes 2 Articles on E. coli O157:H7 Vaccine Efficac

11/13. Biocote Surface Protection Reduces Bacteria On Products By

11/13. Virkon® S Effective Against Super-Resistant Salmonella Strai

11/13. Life-saving test kit can identify food bugs in just 5 hours

11/13. Testing kit to fight food-poisoning

11/13. Neogen Offers Quicker, Easier Campylobacter Medium

11/13. Test Method Guide - Endotoxin Detection Methods

11/06. FreshFx Recognized for use in the Scalder as a Solution to t

11/05. Oxoid QC Micro-organisms Receive Stamp of Approval from ATCC

11/05. Path-Chek Hygiene Pathogen System for Food Environments

11/05. USDA selects Neogen to offer Campylobacter medium


10/30. Tasker Products' Poultry Processing Application Tasker Blue

10/29. MiGroFilterM Rapid, Safe and Convenient Microbiological Monitoring

10/29. TEMPO® and VIDAS® Link to LIMS

10/22. ConAgra Foods Inc., Adopts Pathatrix® for Food Safety Program

10/22. Microbiological Monitoring in all Types of Water Systems

10/22. Quicker, Simpler way to Distinguish between Campylobacter species

10/22. New Pathogen Detection Database Released

10/17. Medium distinguishes between Campylobacter species

10/16. Fermented tea eyed as natural preservative source

10/16. New Campylobacter-Detecting Medium Licensed


10/15. RedLine Solutions, Inc. Announces Release of HarvestPRO(TM)

10/15. New Database to Help Food Industry Verify Product Safety

10/12. PerkinElmer Responds to Food Contamination Crisis with Innov

10/12. Wichita company hopes to wipe-out food-borne illnesses

10/09. DSM saves sausages with anti-mould innovation

10/09. Molecular Testing Method Gives TVC Result in Four Hours

10/09. New Rapid Culture Method for Salmonella in Food

10/09. BFSM to Use BAX® Detection System

10/09. ROSA ® Approved for Wide Range of Commodities


10/08. Nanotech biosensor developed for multipathogen detection

10/08. Oxoids culture method to counter Salmonella faster

10/08. Rapid culture method for salmonella in food

10/08. Aquentium Technology Designed to Prevent E.coli 0157 Outbrea

10/02. Common Bacteria That Causes Food Poisoning Can Now Be Found

10/01. Kiwi created food processing technology

10/01. Identification Medically Important Yeasts

09/28. Sandia develops portable microfluidic platform to detect bio

09/28. China Medicine Receives Grant for ADTZ Project

09/28. E. Coli

09/28. Reliably detecting foodborne pathogens with nanotechnology


09/26. Rapid Detector Funded

09/24. New Approvals on Mycotoxin Tests! Charm Sciences, Inc.

09/24. Mast New Eiken LoopAMP™ Norovirus Kit

09/24. Test Method Guide Chromogenic and Fluorogenic Media

09/24. R.A.P.I.D LT High-Speed Food Pathogen Results

09/21. Acrylamide in baked goods reduced by an enzyme called aspara

09/19. New culture keeps Listeria at bay

09/19. Low-energy method offers safety against Escherichia coli

09/18. Danisco makes natural alternative to chilled-food preservati

09/18. Dairy company tests ozone pasteurisation technique


09/17. Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Knocks Out Staph, MRSA, Shigella,

09/17. RMUG - Rapid Micro Users Group Meeting - Call for Posters

09/17. Oxoid New Products for the Clinical Microbiology Lab at IBMS 2007

09/17. New BAX Assay for Staph.aureus

09/10. New fast test method developed

09/10. Chitosan-glucose combo eyed as novel preservative

09/10. Safe sanitizer tough on germs

09/10. Ammonia Monitor helps ensure food safety

09/10. Media for New Harmonized Microbiology: Microbial Limits Test

09/05. Quick Microchip Test For Dangerous Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria


09/04. DSM claims end-product first for acrylamide-reducing enzyme

09/04. Novozymes Launches Enzyme to Reduce Acrylamide in Food

09/04. New nanowire combats E-coli pathogens, says study

09/04. Premi®Test Salmonella One Test - Multiple Serovars

09/04. Test Method Guide Use and Application of QC Organisms

09/04. 48-hour Yeast and Mold Test Produces Significant Inventory Cost Savings

08/31. Carbon nanotubes could be new pathogen weapon

08/31. Novozymes targets acrylamide-reduction with Acrylaway

08/31. Nanotechnology Fights E. Coli

08/31. Banishing biofilms: loosening their grip could make food sup


08/30. Ozone spray kills E.coli in processing plants

08/30. Guide details the science of keeping meat safe

08/30. Edible Films With Superpowers

08/28. Keep it dry when killing Listeria

08/28. Aseptic tap extends beverage shelf life

08/27. AliMed Offers SaniGuard Antimicrobial Fogger, an Effective W

08/27. Nanoprecise Reagent Delivery for Ultra-Efficient Assays

08/27. LuminUltra Continues to Grow with a New Agent!


08/24. CulinaryPrep removes harmful bacteria from food

08/23. New food freshness sensor developed

08/23. Produce Safety Completes Testing of Spherequat Multi Purpose

08/21. New food freshness sensor hailed

08/20. Scientists developing vaccine for E coli poisoning

08/20. Novel Use of Pathatrix-RIMS Wins IAFP Innovation Award

08/20. AOAC Approval for Single Step Enrichment Listeria Test

08/20. Monoclonal Norovirus 3rd Generation ELISA Gives Reliable Diagnosis


08/15. Economy x-ray inspects and detects

08/15. Better Mad Cow Test

08/14. CDPH wins IAFP Food Safety Innovation Award

08/13. Fast, Accurate Sensor To Detect Food Spoilage

08/13. Industrial Automated Zone Reading and Colony Counting

08/13. New Frontiers in Pathogen Testing - Salmonella Results in 8 Hours

08/13. Rapid Differentiation of Campylobacter

08/13. Lab M Offers Range of Campylobacter Culture Media


08/10. CA DOH wins IAFP Award for novel use of Pathatrix-RIMS

08/03. Hygiene tool provides dual results

08/03. GIPSA Approves R-Biopharm Ridascreen Fast Aflatoxin SC Test

08/03. Rapid differentiation of Campylobacter species

08/02. Electronic nose used to distinguish cheese-associated fungi

08/02. GIPSA Issues Changes to Aflatoxin Handbook

08/02. The Ozonator is a Terminator for Grain Bin Bugs

07/30. Strategic Diagnostics Introduces New Hygiene Monitoring Test for Food

07/30. Tiny devices developed for pathogen detection

07/30. New Low-cost Technology Counters Deadly Aflatoxin, Increases


07/26. New kit to help Africa fight deadly food poison

07/24. Developing nanotechnology to test food quality

07/23. AOAC-RI Approval for bioMérieux  TEMPO®

07/23. Gold Standard Fastidious Anaerobe Agar from Lab M

07/23. Rapid Methods and Automation Workshop

07/23. New Food Safety Handbook for Safer Products

07/23. Manual Helps Adopt Standardised Methods for Food Labs

07/17. Ozone Process Effective Against Staphylococcus Infections

07/17. AOAC Approval for Assurance GDS™ for Listeria spp.


07/16. New Review on Microbial Spoilage from CCFRA

07/16. Quench-Gone™ Aqueous Kits for Risk Analysis and Routine Surveillance of Water Systems

07/16. New Food Safety Handbook for Safer Products

07/11. Sampler tests air for pathogens

07/11. Researchers developing phage weapons against biofilms

07/11. Scientists Build Bacteria-Killing Organisms From Scratch

07/11. Vaccine for barbecue season

07/09. ISO Compliant Media Formulations from Lab M

07/09. Quench-Gone™ Aqueous Kits for Risk Analysis and Routine Surveillance of Water Systems

07/09. AATI Launches High Throughput Detection Analyzer

07/09. New CCFRA Guide on Setting and Using Microbiological Criteria for Foods


07/05. Scientists in Nigeria tackle toxin in maize

07/05. Technique may lead to better mad cow disease test

07/02. NanoSensors Provides Update on its Biosensor to Detect E.coli

07/02. Bio-Rad’s RAPID’E. coli O157:H7 Agar Granted AOAC Status

07/02. New CCFRA Guide on Setting and Using Microbiological Criteria for Foods

07/02. Make HACCP-style Water Management Programs a Reality

07/02. AOAC Approved Ideal for Food, Beverage and Cosmetics

07/02. AATI Launches High Throughput Detection Analyzer


06/28. Bio-Rad’s RAPID’Salmonella Agar Granted Performance Tested Method Status by AOAC

06/22. Charm Sciences is pleased to announce 4 new commodities approved for official testing of Zearalenone

06/22. Test kit makes melamine detection easier

06/21. Drexel Researcher Develops Sensor to Test for E. coli in 10 min

06/21. Test Solution helps restaurants ensure food safety

06/20. PARC developed dates dryer to minimize post harvest losses

06/20. BioAnalyte supports FDA Intact Protein Expression (IPEx) Mas

06/20. Smart San Instant Mist Hand Wash, food safety from Saraya


06/19. Temperature recorders provide instant results

06/18. Lab M Launches ISO Compliant Baird-Parker Medium


06/13. Breakthrough on mad cow testing

06/13. SWOrRD to cut through the bacterial identification problem?

06/13. Beneficial bacteria bash Listeria on freshly cut fruit

06/13. Wellcolex Colour Latex Tests Added to Oxoid Range

06/06. Vitiva launches acrylamide and rancidity reducer for oils

06/05. New Contaminant Testing Method from Applied Biosystems

06/05. BASF plastic packaging to contain antimicrobial agent


06/04. USDA Selects bioMérieux TEMPO® System

06/04. Merck's New Dehydrated ChromoCult® Listeria Selective Agar

06/04. RAPID' Chromogenic Methods in Food Testing

06/04. 'Lab-in-a-Bead' Makes PCR Easy, Even for Untrained Operators

06/04. E. Coli, Sensor Developed

06/01. BASF plastic packaging to contain antimicrobial agent

06/01. New salmonella test speeds shipping

05/31. Pilot Program for Mobile Truck Sanitation

05/31. Scientists develop bioactive paper

05/31. ParTech intros food-safety solution


05/30. Bioniche leader has high hopes for E. coli vaccine

05/29. Salmonella Sample Receipt to Result in 18 hours!

05/29. Lab M Listeria Culture Media Meets FDA, ISO 11290 and USDA Methods

05/29. Test Method Guide Salmonella Detection and Identification Methods

05/29. Revolutionary System Automates Food Quality Testing

05/25. Canadian-invented bioactive paper wards off E-coli, salmonel

05/25. Guarana extract shows promise as preservative additive

05/24. Studies find irradiation suitable for cilantro, sprouts

05/24. Bioactive paper packaging under development


05/23. Spray system can reduce chemical reliance

05/23. DSM gains GRAS for Preventase, counters safety fears

05/23.More bale wrap layers makes for better silage

05/23.Detect salmonella in just 18 hours

05/23.New 12-hour Salmonella test

05/23.Ropes Used To Detect E. Coli O157:H7 Bacteria In Feedlot Cat

05/23.Study Shows Vaccine Reduces Prevalence of E. coli O157 in Ca

05/21. Probiotics Help Produce Safer, Healthier Chickens, Researche

05/21. New computational system identifies viruses and bacteria

05/21. Test Method Guide Salmonella Detection and Identification Methods


05/18. Insignia: A New Way To Identify Viruses And Bacteria

05/18. Scientists develop 12-hour salmonella test

05/16. New Test May Allow for Rapid Detection of Salmonella in Meat

05/14. Approval for BAX® Real-Time Campylobacter PCR Assay

05/14. Merck's Tb-color Cold Staining Kit for Acid Fast Bacteria

05/14. New Platform for Microbiological Analysis - Trial Samples Available

05/11. BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay Receives Certification

05/10. New test for bacteria in fruit juice

05/09. Fast salmonella test for rapid pathogen detection

05/07. Test Method Guide - Listeria Detection and Identification Methods


05/03. Sensor provides multiple hygiene readings

05/03. Magna Medical Introduces Home Use Instant E.coli, Salmonella

05/02. Torture Test Research Proves FIT Fruit and Vegetable(TM) Wash Effectiveness

04/30. Bioniche E. coli O157:H7 Vaccine Discussed at 4th Internatio

04/30. Field Validation of HSVS-1000 UltraRapid™ Food Safety Solution

04/30. Calibre launches Charm Sciences Mycotoxin Rapid Test Kits in UK

04/30. Diagnostic HYBRIDS Releases D3 IFA Enterovirus Identification Kit

04/23. Spray to quell E. coli

04/23. GIPSA Verifies Performance of Test Kit to Detect Aflatoxin i

04/23. New BAX® System Assay for Detecting S. aureus

04/23. Lab M's Bacterial Magnetism Reduces Time to Result


04/20. UA effort may lead to safer food, water

04/17. New Sensor Device Can Detect Aflatoxins in Corn

04/16. BAX detection system wins honors

04/16. Merck's MMGA -Resusitates Sublethally Injured E. coli

04/16. Test Method Guide - Campylobacter Detection and Identification

04/12. USDA allows Salmonella treatment

04/12. Pathogen study develops processing parameters

04/12. Rapid bacteria, biothreat test developed

04/09. New & Blue CM-MP Technology Includes Staph aureus Latex Kit

04/05. LITMUS and FDA collaboration leads to global food safety bre


04/04. Steam cleaning reduces pathogens in meat, study shows

04/02. Eco-Safe Launches Supermarket Industry Initiative Promoting

04/02. Eco-Safe's Washer Targets Shipping Containers

04/02. Ark. company develops new test for food-borne pathogens

04/02. Merck's new ChromoCult® Enterobacter sakazakii Agar

04/02. NAMSA Now Offers Faster and More Accurate Results for Organism Identification

04/02. A New Force in Food Safety

04/02. Real-Time, Molecular Microbiology PNA FISH™ and EVIGENE™

03/30. OmniLytics announces USDA/FSIS allowance of bacteriophage tr

03/28. Researchers develop new nut allergen test


03/26. Dipstick test kits for foodborne bacteria

03/26. Chemists developing 'dipstick' test to ward-off food poisoning

03/26. Rapid, Reliable, Convenient Oxidase Testing Get a FREE Sample

03/26. Fastest Salmonella Test - 18 hour Result from Sample Receipt

03/19. E-coli & Salmonella Crisis Prompts Solution

03/19. Killing fungi softly, with ozone

03/19. Increasing Range of Chromogenic Culture Media,from SGL

03/19. NEW - Lateral Flow Assay Singlepath® L'mono

03/19. Improved CM-MP Latex Technology Enhances Kit Performance.

03/19. Specially Designed Agglutination Card Keeps Reagents Separate


03/16. Nanosensors develops E.coli and Salmonella biosensor

03/15. Fiber-based light source promises improvements in food inspe

03/15. Metal detector suits smaller processors

03/15. Food grade lubricant introduced

03/14. Improved CM-MP Latex Technology Enhances Kit Performance

03/14. Specially Designed Agglutination Card Keeps Reagents Separate

03/08. Luna Innovations developing controls for bacteria in food

03/08. Tea wash reduces pathogens in meat, say scientists

03/07. New appliance disinfects food


03/06. Hanson Technologies, Inc. Introduces UltraRapid(TM) Food and

03/05. New Chromogenic RAPID'Listeria spp. Validated for Full Results in Just 48 hrs

03/05. Kraft Foods approves PATHATRIX® system for rapid testing

03/01. Partner Sought to Commercialize Patented Fly Trap

02/28. Ozone nano-bubbles harnessed to sterilise water

02/27. New technology removes viruses from drinking water

02/27. Natural preservatives for fresh-cut apple market

02/26. State of the Art Methods for Staphylococcal Enterotoxins in Food

02/23. Boosting the commercialization of coconut water


02/21. FDA approves Meridian's E. coli test

02/19. New Inhibigen Improves Recovery of Target Organisms

02/19. ATCC Launches New Quality Control Testing Tool Authenticult

02/19. Food Testing in Kazakhstan Helped by 14 RABIT Systems

02/19. Lab M Fraser BrothPLUS - Improving Listeria Isolation

02/14. Copper Alloy Surfaces Can Eliminate E. coli

02/13. FDA approves new food safety technology

02/13. Culture Medium for Pseudomonas in Food and Water

02/13. New Invitrogen Cryptosporidium Genotyping Kits

02/13. Lab M Fraser BrothPLUS - Improving Listeria Isolation


02/09. Salmonella DNA test returns faster results

02/09. Detection of Salmonella in 24 hours

02/09. Silicon Valley companies take aim at detecting deadly pathog

02/05. Culture Medium for Pseudomonas in Food and Water

02/05. Neogen's 24-hour GeneQuence® Salmonella Receives AOAC status

02/05. New Invitrogen Cryptosporidium Genotyping Kits

02/05. New BAX Assay Fast, Accurate ID of Campylobacter

02/05. Food Processors Choose RapidChek® for Salmonella and Listeria

01/29. New Book on Food Microbiology from CCFRA

01/23. Validate Pathogen Alerts from Continuous RT Monitoring System

01/23. Fungal Serology and Miscellaneous Allergens Testing


01/19. Swab test reduces pathogen detection time, claims manufactur

01/19. Space-Age Tools Boost Food Safety, Quality

01/18. Neogen's 24-Hour GeneQuence(R) Salmonella Test Receives AOAC

01/18. Domtar launches antimicrobial paper

01/18. Purdue researchers develop new technique to screen food

01/17. Disposable Aspirating Head for Microbiological Air Monitoring

01/17. Eight Years of Rapid Microbial Quality Control

01/17. Automated D-Test Reading and Interpretation

01/17.  Oxoid AnaeroGen Compact System Improved


01/08. Antimicrobial paper extends shelf life, claims manufacturer

01/08. Bacteriophage approved for hide washing

01/08. German project to create meat analysis RFID

01/08. New Oxoid Clarity Improves Differentiation of UTI Pathogens

01/05. Microbeguard’s Food Touch® paper liners now feature agion®

01/04. Scientists speed up pathogen detection system

01/02. New Sensor Simplifies Efforts To Safeguard Drinking Water Fr

01/01. New ChromoCult® Enterococci Agar for Water Testing