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06/29. Sodium Azide Poisoning at a Restaurant
06/27. Shigella Outbreak in Onondaga County, New York
06/27. New Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Chicks and Ducklings From Estes Hatchery
06/26. A Death possible and 65 Ill Linked to 20 State Salmonella Outbreak
06/26. Syracuse Shigella Sickens 34
06/25. Case Count Rises in Salmonella Tuna Outbreak
06/25. Nearly 400 now sick from tainted tuna in sushi
06/25. E. coli O145 Outbreak

06/14. Dry Dog Food Salmonella Outbreak Has Grown
06/11. 123 Now Sickened in Baby Poultry Salmonella Outbreak
06/11. Fourteen People in Six States Are Sickened in E coli 0145 Outbreak

06/07. Georgia E coli Outbreak Linked to Deadly Louisiana Outbreak
06/07. Deadly E coli Outbreak Includes Cases in GA and LA
06/05. Southern, multi-state E. coli O145 Outbreak Likely Kills Louisiana child
06/04. Dog Food Linked To Salmonella Outbreak Killed Dozens of Dogs In 2005

06/01. Six Year Old Boy in Massachusetts Died From an E. coli Infection
06/01. Plant Linked To Salmonella Outbreak, Lawsuit Violated Food Safety Codes
06/01. Multistate Outbreak of Human Salmonella Infections Linked to Chicks and Ducks
06/01. New Salmonella Strain Linked To Diamond Dog Food, Lawsuit Filed
05/31. 93 people from 23 states sickened by Salmonella from live chicks and ducklings
05/30. Ohio Chicken Hatchery Precipitates Salmonella Outbreak
05/29. LSU researcher hopes to forecast potential virus outbreak in oysters
05/29. Guest Commentary: Colorado's listeria outbreak and food safety reform

05/24. North Carolina Salmonella outbreaks; another lawsuit filed against Toast of Dilworth
05/23. Hunan food poisoning sickens over 100 students
05/23. North Carolina Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Tempeh Expands
05/21. CDC: 316 Ill in Multistate Outbreak Linked to Sushi Tuna
05/21. Salmonella Paratyphi B Outbreak Grows
05/21. California Raw Milk Quarantine Lifted at Dairy Linked to Campylobacter

05/17. Spartanburg SC, Where All The Restaurants Are Above Average
05/16. New Brunswick E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Jungle Jim's Eatery
05/16. CDC's Mahon Sees Progress in Curbing Listeria After Deadly Outbreak
05/15. Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak and Recall: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
05/15. Organic Pastures Outbreak Is Fifth Raw Milk Outbreak This Year
05/14. Under The Sea: Oysters and Norovirus Outbreaks
05/14. Outbreak of HUS E. Coli Linked to Spartanburg, South Carolina Mexican Restaurant
05/14. CDC Tracking 5 Overlapping Turtle Salmonella Outbreaks in 27 States
05/14. Oregon Norovirus Outbreak Linked to Reusable Grocery Bags

05/11. Salmonella Outbreaks from Tiny Turtles Infect 124 in 27 States
05/09. Oysters At New Orleans Restaurant Cause Norovirus
05/08. Tempeh outbreak link confirmed, dog food recall expands, healthcare-associated infections
05/08. Steakhouse May Be Source Of Second Outbreak in North Carolina
05/07. Rocker Rocked by Salmonella

05/03. A Nasty Smorgasbord - E. coli Raw Milk, Salmonella Tuna Scrape and Salmonella Tempeh
05/03. 258 sushi eaters now sick with Salmonella
05/03. NC salmonella outbreak traced to bad tempeh batch
05/03. FSA issues cheese contamination alert
05/02. 37 cases of Salmonella Paratyhpi B Linked to Smiling Hara Tempeh
05/02. 21 sick from raw milk in Oregon; again 'people missed the boat on one of the great advances in public health - pasteurization'
05/02. Source of Outbreak In Pueblo, Colo. Is Foodborne, Caterer Is Closed
05/01. Salmonella Outbreak Widens, 200 Sickened in 21 States
05/01. Cantaloupe Deaths Spotlight Food Safety Fears
04/30. Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium AND E. coli O157:H7 Linked to Oregon Raw Milk Farm
04/30. Kentucky and Tennessee E. coli Outbreaks - Is there a link?
04/30. Salmonella paratyphi B: North Carolina Link to Tennessee, New York and South Carolina

04/27. Viral outbreak at Nova Scotia salmon farm spreads, prompting kill order
04/27. Raw Milk Now The Focus Of Missouri E. coli Outbreak
04/27. Second Salmonella strain cited in growing tuna-linked outbreak
04/27. Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Bareilly and Salmonella Nchanga Infections Associated with a Raw Scraped Ground Tuna Product
04/26. Mad Cow found in California - 4th Cow since 2003
04/26. Wisconsin Finds Salmonella Outbreak Strain in Sushi Tuna
04/25. Mad cow disease found in California; no human threat seen
04/25. 3 hospitalized after E. coli outbreak at Tennessee daycare
04/25. Colorado Changes Its Cantaloupe Growing Practices
04/23. Contaminated Cheese: 4 Accused Of Distributing Dangerous, Bacteria-Filled Dairy
04/23. Oregon Raw Milk E.coli Outbreak Targets Children
04/23. Cryptosporidium Outbreak at Minnesota Water Parks
04/23. Missouri E. coli Outbreak Sickens 15, Farm Ends Raw Milk Sales

04/19. Food Poisoning Strikes 250 Inmates at Michigan Jail
04/18. Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Bareilly Infections Associated with a Raw Scraped Ground Tuna Product
04/18. Salmonella outbreak associated with frozen 'scraped' yellowfin tuna mounts
04/18. Oregon Raw Milk Farm Tests Positive for E. Coli 0157
04/18. Another Norovirus Outbreak in Indiana
04/17. Oregon, HUS, and Raw Milk: E. coli outbreak leads to kidney failure for 2 children
04/17. Medical reports confirm food poisoning, no cholera outbreak
04/16. Yellowfin Tuna Linked with Salmonella Outbreak in 20 States
04/16. Update on the Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Nakaochi Scrape

04/13. Virus shuts down Valley View schools
04/12. 48% of Chicken in Small Sample Has E. Coli
04/12. Missouri STEC Outbreak Now Up to Seven Cases
04/12. Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Bareilly Infections
04/10. Missouri Raw Milk E. coli Outbreak: FAQs
04/09. Allergen Alert: MSG in Steamed Pork Buns
04/09. 100 may now be sick from salmonella in sushi
04/09. Norovirus Outbreak at Indiana's Cebolla's Mexican Grill Sickens 107
04/09. Grocery Stores and Restaurants Involved in Salmonella Bareilly Outbreak Not Named by CDC
04/09. E. coli Cases in Central Missouri Announced

04/05. Salmonella found in raw milk products at Kutztown dairy farm
04/05. Salmonella Outbreak That Sickened 90 People Probed By FDA
04/04. Salmonella in Pennsylvania Raw Milk
04/04. Is 19 State Salmonella Bareilly Outbreak linked to Spicy Tuna Roll Sushi
04/04. Jimmy John's E. coli Sprouts Update
04/02. 2 cases of botulism in New York linked to fresh bulk tofu
04/02. Small Turtles Cause Salmonella Outbreaks
04/02. Investigation Announcement: Three Multistate Outbreaks of Human Salmonella Infections Linked to Small Turtles

03/30. Botulism, Listeria and Scombrotoxin Risk at Blue Ocean Smokehouse
03/30. California Lifts Quarantine at Raw Milk Dairy Farm in San Benito County
03/29. Meat and Poultry, Large Gatherings Tied to C Perfringens Outbreaks
03/28. CDC Revises St. Louis Romaine Lettuce Outbreak Report
03/28. Popcorn-shaped gold particles gang up on Salmonella
03/28. Lab tests link salmonella outbreak to school lunch caterer
03/27. Allergen Alert: Smoked Sausage With Whey, Casein
03/27. Tracking Outbreaks With Electronic Medical Records
03/26. 58 sick; E. coli O157:H7 outbreak - it's over - linked to romaine lettuce
03/26. Salmonella Found in Meat from Lunch Lady Caterer
03/26. Settlement Reached in Wright County Egg Outbreak - Part Two
03/26. Settlements Reached in Wright County Egg Salmonella Outbreak - Part One
03/26. Food-born illnesses on the rise in the U.S.

03/23. The 2011 Wegmans and Sunrise Commodities Pine Nut Salmonella Outbreak
03/23. Person to Person Salmonella Transmission in Ottawa Suspected
03/23. Study: Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella From Live Chicks
03/23. Turkish Pine Nut Salmonella Outbreak
03/23. Mexican restaurant Chain A, a/k/a Taco Bell, Salmonella Outbreak: a final summary, and a history
03/22. Source of burger E. coli contamination unclear
03/22. Blanket' ground beef recall issued as CFIA continue E.coli contamination source investigation
03/21. Canned Ripe California Olives Spread Botulism in 1919
03/21. CDC: Clostridium perfringens Foodborne Outbreaks Often Large
03/19. 23 raw milk dairy outbreaks with 300 illnesses since 2010

03/16. Del Monte Fresh Produce Drops Frivolous Lawsuit in Salmonella Outbreak
03/16. New Jersey issues listeria warning for Los Corrales Queso Fresco
03/16. Report on C. difficile at Cape Breton hospital blames unit layout, hygiene
03/16. Salmonella outbreak affects a fourth Ottawa school
03/15. 40 food-poisoned Kansas students treated at hospital
03/13. Norovirus Outbreak Keeps Many Westfield Students Home Monday
03/13. Two-dozen youth hockey players fall ill
03/12. Meat Industry Counters 'Pink Slime' Allegations
03/12. School stays closed after E.coli outbreak
03/12. Hundreds sickened by norovirus at Algonquin school
03/12. Viral outbreak spreads through Barnum Woods Elementary

03/09. School closes after E.coli outbreak
03/08. Venison Sushi With Salmonella in Hawaii
03/08. Bloomberg Defends Grading System Derided by Restaurateurs
03/08. Syracuse restaurant to undergo cleaning after 70 people ill with norovirus; food handler suspected
03/08. Campbell Soup bows to consumer pressure as it reveals bisphenol A phase out underway
03/08. 'Infodemiology' on the rise to tackle foodborne illness outbreaks
03/07. Investigation Update on the Ruby Princess
03/07. Health officers force drinks firm to close
03/06. Deadly Outbreaks May Force Shift in US Food Inspections
03/06. Sun-dried tomatoes investigated as possible source of hepatitis A outbreak
03/05. Norovirus outbreaks spread in SC

03/02. Campylobacter Cases from Raw Milk Outbreak Reach 80
03/02. Multistate Outbreak of Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia coli O26 Infections Linked to Raw Clover Sprouts at Jimmy John's Restaurants
03/02. CDC investigating outbreak of E. coli linked to sprouts at Jimmy John's
02/29. Good intentions, bad food safety: 40,000 pounds of potentially contaminated chicken mistakenly given away in Texas
02/29. New influenza virus discovered in Guatemalan fruit bats
02/28. Allergen Alert: MSG in Sausages
02/27. Oakland County, Michigan a hot spot for Jimmy Johns E. coli illnesses
02/27. Raw Milk Producer Slapped With Permanent Injunction

02/24. Lawsuit: Woman removed sprouts but still got sick
02/24. New Jersey Identifies 2 Illnesses Related to Consumption of Raw Milk DHSS Reminds Residents of Health Risks of Drinking Raw Milk
02/24. Canadian E.coli O157:H7 beef contamination origin unknown - CFIA
02/23. Months later, deaths from cantaloupe outbreak continue to climb
02/23. Norovirus, Oysters and Reporting Foodborne Illness
02/22. CDC: Raw milk outbreak rate 150 times higher than pasteurized milk
02/22. Colorado man treated for listeria infection dies
02/21. Jimmy John's Permanently Dropping Sprouts From Menus
02/20. Missouri E. coli Outbreak Litigation Past and Present: sprouts sicken 3 Greene County women
02/20. No Comment From Jimmy John's About E coli O26 Outbreak

02/16. 76 Now Ill with Campylobacter from Raw Milk Dairy
02/16. Clover sprouts sicken Jimmy Johns diners
02/15. Outbreak Linked to Raw Sprouts Sickens 12
02/15. Two Toronto high school cafeterias hit with food safety infractions
02/14. Amidst its attempts to de-regulate locally produced foods entirely, will New Hampshire legislature consider an insurance requirement?
02/14. Investigation Update on the Crown Princess
02/14. Amish raw dairyman enjoined from further raw milk SALES
02/13. Hepatitis A exposure at Cheesecake Factory in Boise, Idaho
02/13. Norovirus caused cheerleader illness outbreak, state says
02/13. Investigation Update on the Celebrity Constellation
02/13. Investigation Update on the Celebrity Silhouette

02/10. C. difficile outbreak ends at Niagara Falls hospital; declared in December
02/10. Cruise ship returns to Florida port early after second virus outbreak
02/10. Outbreak sickens dozens at New Jersey university
02/09. After raw milk outbreak that sickened 43, Pennsylvania Dairyman gets it right
02/09. Virus outbreak has senior-living facility on lockdown
02/08. Norovirus cases strike county; school, two care centers were affected
02/08. FOOD SAFETY NEWS SCAN: More raw milk Campylobacter cases, missed FSMA deadlines, EHEC genome clues
02/07. 43 now ill in Your Family Cow raw milk Campylobacter outbreak
02/07. Clostridium perfringens cause of N.D. Basketball Taco outbreak
02/07. Latest illnesses point to raw milk's popularity
02/07. 3 cruise ships disinfected after norovirus outbreaks over the weekend
02/06. Raw milk remains popular despite warnings, 38 ill in latest outbreak on East Coast
02/06. Salmonella outbreak linked to watermelons
02/06. Food-borne illnesses suspected after Kernels' Pierre game
02/06. Royal Berkshire Hospital hit by norovirus outbreak

02/01. 20 Campylobacter Cases Now Linked to Raw Milk Dairy
02/01. Hannaford's Salmonella ground beef outbreak officially over; 20 ill
01/31. Pennsylvania / Maryland raw milk campylobacter outbreak sickens 12
01/30. CDC, FDA and 10 State Health Departments still withholding the name of "Mexican-style fast food restaurant chain, Restaurant Chain A" linked to Salmonella Outbreak
01/30. 6 Campylobacter Cases Linked to Raw Milk from Pennsylvania Dairy
01/30. Investigation Announcement: Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis Infections Linked to Restaurant Chain A

01/27. Health Department Tracks Norovirus Outbreak in Pitt County
01/27. The inactivation of Salmonella on cantaloupes using hot water
01/27. Food Safety News: No Raw Milk Link, No Brucellosis in Massachusetts
01/27. Rapper DMX hit with food poisoning, self-diagnosed with 'eating some bad shrimp'
01/26. County, state investigate illness of Harbor Inn diners
01/25. Class action filed against Australian bakery that sickened 22 with salmonella; 'I won't use commercial mayo, it's foul'
01/24. Who Is Restaurant Chain A? Maybe It's Not Taco Bell
01/24. Belgian baby formula-linked Salmonella outbreak sickens 16 in Russia
01/23. JKS Wholesale issues allergy alert on undeclared milk allergens In 'Torta de Pan'
01/23. Twin Rivers Farm Raw Milk ("Possibly") Linked to Brucella Illness
01/23. The "Mexican-style fast food Restaurant Chain A" linked to two 2010 Salmonella Outbreaks was Taco Bell. Who is it this year?

01/13. Allergen Alert: Wrong Seasoning Packet in Lasagna
01/13. Coca-Cola alerted FDA about contaminated OJ
01/12. E. coli O103 and O145 sickens 29 students who prepared deer in Minnesota
01/12. VIC salmonella outbreak: who's responsible?
01/12. Foodpoisoning outbreak at Porter County, Indiana Jimmy Johns
01/12. Final CDC update: Salmonella Heidelberg outbreak from Schreiber Processing's "Kosher Broiled Chicken Livers"
01/12. Food industry behaving badly: it ain't all cantaloupes and third-party auditors
01/11. Authorities investigate Ballarat salmonella outbreak
01/11. Restaurant Outbreak Went Unreported in San Francisco
01/10. Congressional Probe Into Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak - Plenty of Blame to Go Around
01/09. Update on Salmonella Typhimurium Outbreak
01/09. Advisory issued for mycotoxin contamination of Pepin Heights Orchards apple cider

01/06. Duluth norovirus outbreak linked to ill food-service employee
01/06. Death cap mushrooms kill two Chinese cooks in Australia
01/06. 19 sickened by ground beef from Maine grocery chain
01/06. Salmonella Ground Beef Outbreak, CDC Update: 19 Ill in 7 States
01/05. Contagion: Kosher Cheese Not Safe From Listeria Threat
01/05. New Mexico woman widowed by contaminated cantaloupes
01/04. Action Alert: Say No to Dow Chemical's GE Corn Petition
01/04. Marler Clark files lawsuit against Cozy Valley Creamery in raw milk E. coli outbreak
01/04. Schnucks Sued Over Lettuce Outbreak
01/03. Peanuts in green beans? Food mix-ups spark odd recalls
01/03. FDA launches soft investigation, but no recall, after infant formula linked to causing death in babies
01/02. 2011: A Bad Year for E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella Outbreaks

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