2010 - New Control Methods for Food Safety


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12/08. Agilent Technologies Collaborates with UC Davis on Breakthrough Food Safety Research

12/08. Researchers discover way to reduce food-irradiation by 50pc

12/08. Nanoparticle gives antimicrobial ability to fight Listeria longer

12/03. New metal detectable plastics range for food processing

12/02. New method to inhibit E. coli in sprouts

12/02. Research backs high-power pulsed light technology as food safety tool

11/30. Food Analytical Laboratories Switch to PATHATRIX for E.coli O157 Testing

11/30. AOAC Certifies SDIX Salmonella 24-hour Test System for Food Processing

11/23. Researchers develop faster, more accurate salmonella test


11/22. Molecular Food Safety Tests

11/22. New Improved RIDA®COUNT Yeast & Mold Rapid (R1008)

11/22. Real-Time Microbial Air Monitor for Controlled Environments

11/22. RapidChek® SELECT™ for Poultry Houses, Eggs, Chicken Rinses

11/17. SDIX’s Salmonell Enteritidis Test Awarded AOAC Certification for Poultry Houses, Eggs, Chicken Rinses

11/15. Microgen Bioproducts Releases New Atmosphere System at Medica

11/15. AOAC Approval for Reveal® Salmonella enteritidis Test

11/15. Enterolert®-DW for Drinking Water Detects and Quantifies Enterococci in 24 hours

11/15. Food safety test with almost instant results nears rollout by Colorado company


11/12. IDF and ISO develop new melamine milk test standard

11/08. Neogen's Rapid Test for Salmonella enteritidis Receives AOAC Approval

11/08. bioMérieux Gains International Approval for its Automated 'Next Day' Solution: VIDAS® Listeria Xpress

11/08. New Paddle Blender from Retsch

11/05. ISU researchers hope test can be used for mad cow detection

10/25. New Screening System for Same-day Bacterial Counts in Food

10/25. Quick-Tests Detect and Identify Live Bacteria with Improved Accuracy and Speed.


10/22. New method to protect food from bioterror revealed

10/21. Iowa State, USDA researchers discover eye test for neurological diseases in livestock

10/18. Mycotoxin analyses adopted as European standard

10/14. Targeting Non-O157 E. coli Serotypes

10/13. New screening system slashes bacterial detection time

10/13. NanoLogixs Launches New Family of ‘Quick Tests” Designed to Identify Bacteria 3 to 4 Times Faster

10/11. Hach Offers Fastest E. coli Presence/Absence Test for Water

10/11. MicroVal Certification of 56 hour Test Method for Yeast & Mold Counts

10/06. Imaging technology could more quickly find pathogens

10/06. No significant risk in using recycled hot water in meat decontamination - EFSA


          10/05. Assay detects Listeria in ready-to-eat products

         10/01. Maldon Oysters first in UK to use new natural gas

          10/01. Scientists at LGC uncover new campylobacter test

10/01. New method for detecting Clostridium botulinum spores

10/01. All Options Covered with Lab M's C. sakazakii Media Range

10/01. Same Day Results for Environmental Listeria

10/01. Salmonella in Eggs - Sample to Result in Less Than 24 hr

10/01. Rapid and Easy Identification of Clinically Significant Micro-organisms

09/20. Bio-Rad Receives AOAC Approval for Detection of Salmonella in Pet Food and Environmental Surfaces


09/13. Breakthrough method cuts E.coli detection time in ground beef - research

09/10. Screen Four Faecal Pathogens on One Strip within 24 Hours

09/03. Isotopes Aid in Traceability

08/31. ‘Unique’ rapid egg cooling system to cut salmonella risk, extend shelf life

08/30. Cinnamon and oregano show antimicrobial prowess in active packaging

08/30. Scientist devises faster test for detecting E.coli

08/25. Hyperspectral Imaging Speeds Detection of Campylobacter

08/25. Colorado company develops new food testing technology

         08/25. First Automated Pathogen Detection System for the Food Industry

08/25. Concentrating on Campylobacter

08/25. DIATHERIX Adds Two Shigella Organisms to its Gastrointestinal Panel

08/25. USDA and DuPont to Develop Test for non-O157 STEC


08/17. DIATHERIX Adds Two Shigella Organisms to its Gastrointestinal Panel

08/11. New test developed to detect melamine in milk products

08/11. High-tech GPS Label Printer Changes Food Safety Traceability

08/09. AOAC RI Approval for MicroSEQ® E. coli O157:H7 Assay

08/04. South Royalton, VT Company Unveils On-the-Farm Pasteurization System for Farmstead and Micro Dairies

08/02. bioMérieux's TEMPO® Yeast/Mold Assay Gains AOAC-RI Approval

08/02. Lab M Offers Range of Microbiological Media for Water Testing

08/02. New ISO 16140 Validated Media for Enumeration of B. cereus in Food

08/02. Chlorophyll markers to highlight contaminated meat - research

08/02. Life Technologies launches E. coli rapid test


07/30. Speedy train technology finds new food safety niche

07/26. FDA Clearance for New illumigeneC.difficile

07/26. Lab M's Brazier CCEY Agar Isolates and Differentiates C. difficile

07/26. Graphene-based antibacterial paper has food packaging potential

07/19. Confectioners target of automated salmonella technology

07/16. Charm Sciences releases aflatoxin test

07/16. Israel: New Salmonella live vaccine approved


07/13. New analytical methods test for oil-tainted seafood after BP Gulf spill

07/09. Info documents odor, pathogen control in livestock facilities

07/06. Detect Only Viable Infective Microorganisms Using PMA PCR

07/06. bioMérieux's TEMPO® Yeast/Mold Assay Gains AOAC-RI Approval

07/06. UK dairy sector eyes energy saving pasteurisation alternative to extend milk shelf-life

07/06. CO2 process could herald new dawn for heat sensitive liquids

07/06. Yeast Tests Demonstrate Reduction in Acrylamide by 90%

07/02. Ecolab and DuPont poised to launch new anti-microbial film

07/01. Ecolab and DuPont Collaborate on New Antimicrobial Technologies


06/29. Lighting during grow-out and Salmonella in broiler flock

06/29. Farmer's ideas grow into potential new food safety tool

06/28. Oxoid Offers Next-day Listeria Results with BAX Listeria 24E Assays

06/24. ARS, Industry Cooperation Yields Device to Detect Insects in Stored Wheat

06/21. Oxoid Brilliance™ Bacillus cereus Agar Improves Detection in Food

06/21. Merck Chromocult® Coliform Agars AOAC Approved for Food

06/21. Lab M's New MacConkey Agar Homes in on Enterococci

06/21. bioMérieux's TEMPO® STA Assay Gains International Approvals

06/21. BAX® E. coli O157:H7 Test now AOAC Approved

06/21. Microbiological Challenge Testing - New Guidance from Campden BRI


06/10. Broiler Carcass Cleansing Solution Removes Harmful Bacteria

06/09. UV light could prove useful in Listeria inhibition on belts

06/02. Aflatoxin test achieves USDA Certificate of Performance

06/02. Eyes of cattle may become new windows to detect mad cow disease

06/01. Oxoid Provides Simple Remel RapID Range of Identification Panels for Food Labs

06/01. Microbiological Indicators in the Food Industry - New bioMérieux Notebook


05/25. Indian scientists show how silver nanoparticles 'have a blast' killing bacteria

05/24. Harlequin™ TBGA Chromogenic Medium Allows Simple Enumeration of E. coli

05/24. Biotest MMB Food Pathogen System - Fast, Sensitive Detection

05/17. Microgen Simplifies Identification/Confirmation of Campylobacter spp.

05/17. Oxoid Culture Journal Focuses on Cronobacter and Mycobacterium bovis

05/12. Ozone could inactive E. coli in apple juice, finds study

05/07. Near infrared detection system beats X-ray blind spots

05/06. Researchers Developing Rapid Salmonella Test

05/05. Research focuses on faster Salmonella detection

05/03. RapidChek SELECT Salmonella Now AFNOR Certified

05/03. Idaho Receives AOAC-PTM Approval for Additional Salmonella Matrices


04/29. Scallop-shell powder reduces germs on meat, extends shelf life

04/26. Lab M's Exhibit Focuses on Gastrointestinal Infections

04/26. SQI Diagnostics Moves Into Food-Testing Arena with Silliker Deal

04/22. Nisin coated films may stop Listeria growth in stored cheese

04/21. Breakthrough X-ray system kills foodborne bugs

04/21. RapidChek SELECT Salmonella Certified by AFNOR

04/20. Answers to killing seafood bacteria radiate from X-ray studies

04/20. Idaho Technology, Inc. Receives AOAC-PTM Approval for Additional Salmonella Matrices

04/19. Milliflex® Quantum for Rapid Microbial Contamination Testing

04/16. Table Grapes’ New Ally: Muscodor albus

04/16. MSU research shows X-rays can decontaminate food


04/14. The detection of Yersinia enterocolitica in surface water by quantitative PCR amplification of the ail and yadA genes

04/14. Chronix, U of Calgary to Develop Mad Cow Test

04/13. Natural, edible film shown to fight Listeria

04/09. New disinfectant, sanitizer making headway

04/09. Packaging and processing advances to help cut campylobacter

04/09. Edible film kills pathogens for meat packaging

04/07. Natural antimicrobial-treated MAPs extend poultry shelf-life

04/07. New water treatment technology coming to U.S.

04/07. Feeding cattle fruit could eliminate Salmonella, E. coli


04/06. Researchers use ‘green’ waste product to fight salmonella, E. coli

04/05. Lab M Media for Monitoring Fungi in Foods

04/05. Oxoid Brilliance™ Staph 24 Agar Identifies Staphylococci in Foods within 24 Hours

04/05. AOAC Approval for MicroSEQ Salmonella PCR Kit

04/05. Seward Stomacher® 80 microBags for 250µL to 5 mL Volumes

04/02. Colour changing nanoparticles to flag up melamine-tainted milk

04/02. USDA Researchers Develop Faster E. coli Test

04/01. New Test Developed for Detecting E. coli


03/29. New Salmonella Vaccine In Works

03/29. Automated Gram Slide Preparation from Copan Diagnostics

03/29. BioLumix System Validated Against USP Methodology

03/26. Researchers find way of blocking weevils entry into cereal boxes

03/26. Study shows GR irradiation scores in sensory, quality and microbial tests

03/24. Two-in-one test developed for detecting E. coli in ground beef, other foods

03/23. Micro Identification Technologies: 'Shining a Light on Food-Borne Illnesses'

03/23. Life Technologies Kit Receives Industry Validation for Detection of Salmonella

03/22. EMLab P&K Provides Salmonella Testing In Light of Recent HVP Scare

03/22. EMLab P&K Expands Range of PCR Pathogen Tests

03/22. Lab M's Enterococci Media now Cover Wide Range of Applications


03/19. Ozone and vapour proving to be best in class for food pathogens

03/17. New test method makes staphylococci detection quicker and easier

03/16. Firm claims yeast product will inhibit acrylamide in foods

03/15. Detect More Targets with New Foodproof® GMO Screening Kit, 5'Nuclease!

03/08. Lab M Media Selectively Detects E. coli O26 Strain

03/08. New BAX® System Test for E. coli O157:H7

03/08. bioMérieux First Ready-To-Use Enrichment Medium for Campylobacter

03/08. New AccuPRO-ID™ Microbial Identification Testing Service

03/08. Antimicrobial active packaging to curb listeria growth in RTE foods

03/05. Orange peels and pulp show food safety promise

03/04. Almond aflatoxin prevention, control


03/03. Nizo discovers dual action of natural preservatives

03/03. EMLab P&K Expands Real-Time PCR Tests for Pathogen Detection

03/03. AOAC Awards Approval to FoodChek(TM)-E. coli O157 Test for 375g Sample

03/02. Reducing Acrylamide in French Fries

03/02. Carvacrol is effective antimicrobial for cereal dough, study

03/02. Pistachio nuts without the punch

03/01. bioMérieux First Ready-To-Use Enrichment Medium for Campylobacter

02/24. Direct-Fed Microbials Take Another Step Against Salmonella

02/23. Study highlights fast way to screen chips for acrylamide levels

02/23. Microwave sterilisation system may revolutionise food processing


02/22. Lab M Spoils its Customers so their Foodstuffs Don't!

02/22. RAPID'Salmonella Short Protocol Also Detects Non-motile Salmonella

02/22. 'Game changing' high pressure processing system launched

02/18. MMTC'S Laser Focus Could Lead to Major Market Share

02/15. New Kits for High Volume Food Pathogen Testing

02/15. Beverage Manufacturers get Products to Market Faster and Ensure Safety

02/15. AOAC RI Approval for RIDA®COUNT E. coli/Coliform (R1007)

02/15. Easy, Rapid Monitoring of E.coli and Enterococcus spp. in Recreational Water

02/15. AOAC RI for RapidChek® E. coli O157 in Raw Beef Products


02/12. Avure Launches New 100-L Hpp System

02/09. Cargill pilots video system as food safety tool

02/08. Oxoid Range for New, Harmonized (EUCAST) European Disc Diffusion Method

02/08. Analytical Service Offers Real-Time PCR for Pathogen Detection

02/08. Easy, Rapid Monitoring of E.coli and Enterococcus spp. in Recreational Water

02/08. ATP/AMP Measurement with New Lumitester PD-20!

02/08. Edmonton researchers use harmless bacteria to control listeriosis

02/08. Keeping food safe from farm to fork

02/04. Get in for the pathogen kill with cold plasma technology


02/02. New Meat Treatment Process Enters Market

02/01. New RIDASCREEN® SET Total Screen for Staph Enterotoxin

02/01. Salmonella Spotting with Lab M's Specialist Media

02/01. Bacteria-killing protein to combat E.coli in red meat

01/27. AgraQuest launches direct feed microbial

01/27. Helpful Yeast Battles Food-Contaminating Aflatoxin

01/27. Idaho Technology Inc. Launches High Volume Food Test Kits

01/22. Dual system to boost marine biotoxin detection in shellfish

01/20. Listeria monocytogenes test improves food safety


01/19. VIDAS® LMX, New VIDAS Next Day Test for Food and Environmental

01/19. New Year, New Look for Lab M's Harlequin™ Chromogenic Media

01/19. Addressing the Problem of Pathogens in Nuts

01/19. 48 Hour Protocol for Detection of Cronobacter spp (E. sakazakii) in Powdered Infant Formula

01/19. Crunch Pak, Now Utilizing NASA Food Safety Air Sanitation!

01/13. Madison start-up develops botulism toxin detection kit


01/07. BioCote silver-treated wall cladding from AHC

01/04. Food dyes among tactics to improve deli slicer food safety: AMIF study



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