2008 - New Control Methods for Food Safety


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12/22. Expanded RiboPrinter® Database

12/22. New Range of Ready to Use Chromogenic Media

12/19. Bruker Daltonics unveils food safety test

12/19. New Nanotech Paints for Hospitals Could Kill


12/16. New rapid test for diarrhoea-causing bug

12/15. Oxoid IDEIA Kit Allows Rapid Diagnosis of Norovirus

12/15. Nanotechnology May be Used for Food Safety

12/12. HACCP software enables complete cycle control, says NWA

12/12. US: Edible film may save greens

12/09. Australia: 'Rotten' egg a cracking invention

12/08. DuPont Qualicon BAX® System Certified for Use in Russia

12/05. Cranberry can inhibit E. coli growth in ground beef, says US study

12/03. Study shows antimicrobial effective against listeria in soft cheese


12/02. Rapid technique to detect C. botulinum in trial phase, says LFI

12/01. Enigma Launches Fully Automated Real-Time PCR for In-Field Testing

12/01. Diagnosis of C. difficile Infection by Toxin Detection Kits: Review

12/01. New Lab M 'Minicat' Focuses on Cronobacter sakazakii

12/01. Charm Sciences: First Lateral Flow Quant. Test for T-2 and HT-2 Toxins

11/25. Metal detection tool minimises food loss, says US developer

11/25. Optical Sorters maximize food safety and product quality

11/24. US army awards funding for antimicrobial agent

11/24. BAX® System 24E Assays Certified by AFNOR


11/21. Germ-killing vapour

11/17. GeneThera: Results of Animal Tests of E.Coli O157:H7 Vaccine

11/17. Lab M Media for E. coli O157 Identification

11/17. Xpert™ Test for C.difficile now CE Marked

11/13. New technology could increase juice safety

11/10. AOAC-RI Accreditation for fastrAK™ Salmonella Detection in Poultry

11/07. Orange Essential Oils Inhibit Salmonella Activity

11/06. Hops extract may reduce Clostridium in chickens

11/06. Hand to Hand Combat: The Hygiene Equation


11/04. Vacci-Test Signs New World-Wide Food Safety Licence

11/04. Lab M's 'one-stop sakazakii shop'

11/04. Matrix: Simultaneous Same Day Dual Test For E.coli & Salmonella

11/04. Canada approves E coli vaccine for cattle

11/04. Scientist's eureka moment led to E. coli vaccine for cows

10/31. New High-Throughput Method to Detect Melamine in Food

10/30. Energy saving radio frequency pasteurisation

10/29. Nanotechnology improves food safety by detecting prions

10/29. Hops Extract May Reduce Clostridium in Chickens

10/28. Alta. scientists develop new tools in E. coli battle

10/28. UA researchers are finding a new way to reduce food-borne illness


10/27. Advance offers revolution in food safety testing

10/27. New wash could make produce safer

10/22. Sanitation kit could combat norovirus in food plants

10/21. Rapid melamine detection method developed, claims US firm

10/20. DuPont Qualicon now Registered to ISO 9001:2000 -

10/17. New Method May Rapidly Detect Significant Foodborne Pathogen

10/15. Eureka Status for Ultra-Rapid Multiplex Food Pathogen Test

10/14. Lab M's Listeria Range Supports Food Safety

10/14. Melamine: New Highly Sensitive AgraQuant® Test for Dairy Products


10/10. New Campylobacter vaccine for poultry

10/09. Nanotechnology Improves Food Safety by Detecting Prions

10/03. New Campylobacter Vaccine for Poultry

10/02. Viral bacteria engineered to spot E. coli

10/01. New approach to food safety testing discovered

09/30. Oxoid Salmonella Precis™ Rapid Culture Method

09/30. BAX® System Listeria Assay Now AOAC-Approved

09/30. New Media for Cronobacter (Enterobacter) sakazakii Isolation


09/29. Study finds novel method to test food for contamination

09/29. Decorator invents wall panels that can kill E.coli

09/26. BAX® System Certification for Detecting Listeria is Extended

09/25. Processors could gain from meat freshness indicator

09/25. New method to check cows' brain waves for mad cow disease

09/25. Advance offers revolution in food safety testing

09/25. New Technology to Detect Foodborne Illnesses


09/23. Vitiva Tackles Acrylamide with New Formulation

09/23. New Salmonella rapid culture method on market

09/18. E. coli growth may be inhibited by tomato-based edible film

09/15. Washing Our Way to Cleaner Meat

09/12. New paints "could kill superbugs"

09/12. Ozone gas may be E. coli kryptonite


09/11. Copper-bottomed Guarantee For Safe Shellfish In Restaurants

09/11. Food Poisoning Bacteria Prefer Duck To Beef On Meat Factory Surfaces

09/11. New Medium for Presumptive E. coli Enumeration in Milk

09/10. Titanium surfaces better at preventing Listeria compared to stainless steel

09/10. Titanium Work Surfaces Could Cut Food Poisoning Cases Say Scientists

09/10. New methods of addressing Listeria in ready-to-eat foods

09/05. Discovery holds promise for BSE test on live animals

09/04. Food Safety Product Kills Pathogens AND Protects Consumers

09/04. New hand sanitizer fights viruses


08/26. Simultaneous Detection of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin A gets AOAC® Int. Approval

08/26. New Dynabeads® MAX Target and Concentrate Legionella

08/18. CE Marking for BD GeneOhm™ Cdiff Assay

08/15. E coli sensors using silk

08/14. New BSE test could help allay meat safety fears

08/14. Research explores real-time detection of nervous tissue on beef

08/14. Tufts University researchers create ‘E.coli sensors’

08/14. Label Technique Southest Provides Solutions

08/14. Test To Protect Food Chain From Mad Cow Disease


08/12. High speed metal detection ensures QC, claims Mettler Toledo

08/12. Test To Protect Food Chain From Human Form Of Mad Cow Disease

08/04. bioMérieux Groundbreaking E. coli O157/H7

08/04. Fastest Quantitative Aflatoxin Test Approved - 3 Minute

08/01. Aflatoxin detection kit validated by USDA

08/01. Listeria growth restricted by coated film, says study

08/01. Aflatoxin rapid test gets GIPSA certification


07/31. 'Bending' equipment for food quality and safety

07/30. Detecting diseases in the palm of your hand

07/30. Food additive could inhibit C. perfringens growth in poultry meat

07/29. New phage offers rapid E. coli detection in meat, says BioMerieux

07/29. USDA/FSIS Allowance of Bacteriophage Treatment of Salmonella

07/29. The Fastest Quantitative Test for Aflatoxin

07/28. TEMPO® Kits for Enumeration of Staph and Lactics

07/28. Fast quantitative aflatoxin test approved

07/28. Putting the squeeze on produce to kill germs


07/21. Easier enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus

07/16. Antimicrobials Target Produce Pathogens

07/15. Pasteurization, packing secrets to long shelf life

07/15. High pressure processing kit wins IFT science award

07/14. Effective chemical wash targets Salmonella, e. coli

07/14. Spice-Rack Favorites Battle E. coli and Other Foodborne Pathogens

07/14. Innovative Air Sampler Gives Rapid Micro Results

07/14. Coliscan® and ECA Check®

07/14. Romer Labs Introduce New Fumonisin Detection Methods

07/14. Colitag - Presence Absence Test for Coliform & E.coli


07/10. USDA looks at ways to decontaminate leafy produce

07/10. Animal hide-washing tool reduces E. coli by 43%

07/10. Bioniche Presents E. coli O157:H7 Vaccine Data to World Buia

07/07. New ISO 16140 Validated Enteros and E.coli

07/07. EndoTrap® HD Removes Endotoxin in Biomanufacturing

07/07. Scientists Test Method for Sanitizing Leafy Produce

07/03. Researchers develop new antimicrobial wash

07/02. The Charm EPIC™ is a New Generation Microplate Luminescence

07/01. Disease-detecting Lab In The Palm Of Your Hand

07/01. EPA approved antimicrobial could control listeria in food pl


06/30. Automated Detection of Yeast/Molds in Beverages

06/26. New Invention Effectively Kills Foodborne Pathogens In Minut

06/26. Product Effectively Kills Bacteria In Vegetable Washwater

06/25. Food inspection technology could kill waiter jokes

06/24. Charm EPIC™: New System to Assess Keeping Quality

06/23. Ultra-high pressure eliminates salmonella in fresh tomatoes

06/23. Lab M Campylobacter Culture

06/23. Merck Chromogenic Media

06/23. Two New Media for Food Pathogens


06/13. Universal Detection Technology's EPA Approved Vital Oxide So

06/10. Microgen Listeria-ID to be Included in M&S Microbiological Methods Manual

06/10. Reliable Salmonella Testing in Pigs with PrioCHECK® ELISA

06/10. Lab M Campylobacter Culture

06/09. New method could end lettuce contamination, say researchers

06/06. New tool offers rapid method of acrylamide detection

06/06. Washing mushrooms stalls germs, extends shelf life

06/05. Using beneficial bacteria against food pathogens

06/05. Use of citrus oils for Salmonella inhibition

06/05. Using FIT for pathogen control in fresh potatoes


06/05. New Radical Sanitising Range Launched for Food Industry

06/03. Electronic sensor for bad bacteria

06/02. Beneficial Bacteria Help Control Produce Pathogen

05/30. USDA and CSU Researchers Develop First Live Test for CWD in Elk

05/28. Cheaper acrylamide food test

05/28. Rapid Salmonella Detection MSRV Medium from Lab M

05/28. Hygiena Gains Preferred Supplier Status with JohnsonDiversey for ATP Hygiene Monitoring


05/27. Rapid salmonella detection with MSRV medium

05/22. Sausage sensor designed for metal detection

05/19. Merck's MMGA ISO 16649-1 Resuscitates E. coli

05/19. AOAC Approves VITEK2 ID for Key Food Organisms

05/19. S. aureus Isolation with Lab M Baird-Parker Medium

05/19. 3M Petrifilm Automated Reading and Image Storage

05/14. Using pulsed UV to decontaminate raspberries and strawberrie

05/05. AOAC Approved PCR Salmonella Pooling Strategy Reduces Costs

05/05. FDA Clearance for Spectra™ MRSA Chromogenic Medium


04/29. Lab M Media for C. perfringens Enumeration and Identification

04/29. AOAC Approved PCR Salmonella Pooling Strategy Reduces Costs

04/29. First Microarray Based Rapid Test for Bacterial Detection

04/16. Lonza microCompass™ Total Yeast and Mold Count by RT-PCR

04/16. Prionics® Check PrioSTRIP SR approved for use

04/16. Real time assays for food pathogens, beer and GMO

04/14. AOAC approval for Idaho's salmonella assay

04/09. New Study Proves Virkon® S Misting's Superior Value


04/07. Applied Biosystems Responds to Global Challenge of Food Safety


04/03. Poultry vaccine holds promise for mankind

04/02. Cyclodextrins as antimicrobial carriers in produce

03/31. Corn-based film could stamp out food-poisoning bacteria

03/31. Microbiology in Colour!

03/25. NEWS FROM LAB M - Microbiology in colour!

03/24. Eureka for Ultra-Rapid Food Pathogen Test

03/24. 8-Hour Listeria Assay AOAC-RI Certified

03/24. Microbiology Goes Molecular

03/24. BetaStar® Dairy Antibiotic Test Approved by AOAC

03/21. Purdue Researchers Develop Cell-Based Biosensor for Rapid, O


03/20. New Widget Warns Shoppers of Harmful Bugs in Food

03/19. Detecting a microbe among millions

03/17. A nanotechnology biosensor for Salmonella detection

03/14. Alarm System for Spoiled Milk

03/14. Charm Sciences Ochratoxin Test Approval

03/13. FreshFx(R) Safely Kills Pathogens in Poultry Processing Plan

03/12. Eureka status for rapid food pathogen test

03/12. Biosensor developed for detection of Botulinum toxin

03/12. New Rapid Test for the Detection of Bacillus cereus

03/11. New technique puts DNA profiling of E. coli on fast track


03/05. New acrylamide detection process launched

03/05. Bio-Sensor Quickly Detects Anthrax, Smallpox And Other Patho

03/05. Sensor uses mice cells to detect anthrax and more on the fly

03/05. New Range of Chromogenic Culture Media

03/05. New Test Strip for Aflatoxin

03/05. 3-hour Test for On-site Brettanomyces Detection

03/05. Automatic Plate Handler & Colony Counter

03/05. Cryptosporidium Detection and Identification Methods

03/05. bioMérieux's Food Safety Handbook Now Available


03/04. Seeking New Vaccine Technology To Decreases E. coli In Beef

03/04. Live cells adapted for food-pathogen testing

03/03. Nano-sensor For Better Detection Of Mad Cow Disease Agent

03/03. Technology uses live cells to detect food-borne pathogens, t

03/03. Indian origin scientists use live cells to detect food-borne

02/29. Technology Uses Live Cells To Detect Food-borne Pathogens, Toxins

02/27. New process reduces allergens in eggs

02/27. bioMérieux receives PTM approval for Listeria test

02/27. A nano-sensor for better detection of Mad Cow Disease agent

02/27. Researchers Collaborate to Find New Vaccine Technology Decre


02/25. Test Method Guide - Enterobacter sakazakii Detection and ID Methods

02/25. 6 Minute Test for Tetracyclines in Milk

02/18. Test for direct detection of disease-causing E. coli bacteri

02/18. Instant FAME™ Culture to ID in less than 15 minutes

02/18. WASP - Automatic Planting and Streaking of Microbiology Samples!

02/18. Extended Range for ID of Staphylococcal Species

02/18. Minimising Microbial Risks in Infant Milk Formula

02/18. BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay Certified by AOAC


02/14. Identify staphylococcus species in only four hours

02/14. Neogen:Quickest Test Available for Tetracyclines in Milk

02/11. New COPRO SYSTEM Plus for detection and presumptive ID

02/07. Charm Sciences: New Test for Ochratoxin

02/06. New acrylamide detection process launched

02/05. Cadbury Schweppes Adopt Pathatrix for Rapid Pathogen Detection

02/04. UV disinfection in meat processing

02/04. Cadbury adopts new pathogen testing system


01/24. Electrolysed oxidised water sanitises poultry

01/23. Using irradiation on antimicrobial-coated packaging

01/22. Linde Helps Processors Improve Quality and Safety of Poultry

01/22. Two Companies Partner to Develop Bio-Threat Detection Systems

01/22. New Oxoid IDEIA Viral Gastroenteritis Panel Detects Norovirus in 2 Hours

01/18. Oxoid IDEIA Viral Gastroenteritis Panel Allows Rapid Diagnos

01/16. Chunky chips for allergy diagnosis

01/14. New larger vials for poultry vaccine against Salmonella

01/11. Purfresh Launches Intellipur To Expand Intelligence Into Foo

01/09. Purfresh Offers New Intelligent, Highly-Scalable Cold Storage


01/08. New technology 80 times more effective at detecting mad-cow disease

01/08. BLEBPLUS Lab M Listeria Enrichment and Isolation Media

01/08. Rapid ID of S.aureus including MRSA using CMMP

01/08. Nutrient Pad Sets & Gridded Membranes for Microbiological QC

01/08. PROTECT Microbial Preservation Range to be Expanded

01/08. Bactest "GEMINI" Meets Demand for Single Sample Microbiology

01/07. Seair being used to eliminate E. coli from California irriga

01/07. Eco-Safe Receives R-1000 Product Approval From the National


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