2009 - New Control Methods for Food Safety


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12/21. NHS Fife Fights Norovirus with Advanced Technology

12/17. New Vaccines May Help Thwart E. coli O157:H7

12/16. Frosted Oysters Boosts Economy Along Forgotten Coast

12/16. Aquentium Technology Eliminates Treating Food with Chemicals

12/15. Sorter Detects and Removes Damaged Popcorn Kernels

12/14. Testing the Water with Lab M

12/14. New Additional Serotypes added to Premi®Test Salmonella!

12/14. Synlab Chooses MALDI Biotyper for Molecular Microbial Identification

12/14. Foodborne Staph Toxin Pinpointed by New Assay


12/11. Lactic acid bacteria could limit toxin and mould growth in bread, report

12/01. New bleach alternative safe for kids

12/01. PowerFood™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit Removes PCR Inhibitors

12/01. AOAC Approval for Assurance GDS™ 20 Hour Salmonella Method

12/01. Lateral Flow Kits for E. coli and Salmonella from Bioo Scientific

12/01. Lab M Range Can Help Food Manufacturers Buck Listeriosis Trend

12/01. RAPID'sakazakii Medium can Deliver Results in 24 hr

12/01. bioMérieux's TEMPO® Gains Approval for Testing E. coli in Food Samples

12/01. Dupont's disinfectant effective for Salmonella control in poultry


11/23. SMASHER® Food Sample Blender only needs 15 Seconds

11/23. ceeramTools™ Kits - Easy Molecular Detection and Quantification of Pathogens

11/23. Fast Phage™ - New 8-Hour Fecal Indicator Test for Drinking Water

11/23. PCR-based Rapid Identification of Colonies in Hygiene Monitoring Samples

11/19. Microwave Meter Measures Moisture and Density of In-Shell Peanuts

11/17. Reducing Pathogens in Poultry

11/17. Research uses X-ray to reduce foodborne pathogens on leafy greens

11/16. VIDAS® Simplifies Salmonella and E.coli O157 (inc. H7) Detection in Meat

11/16. Lab M's Sakazakii Solutions Take Centre Stage at Medica

11/16. Food Pathogen Screening - GeneDisc Gives Sample to Result in 8hrs

11/13. Silver-coated poultry crates help cut bacteria contamination

11/12. Vidas system gains Afnor Certification


11/09. Sensitive Test for Ovine and Caprine PrPSc: TeSeE™

11/09. PCR-based Rapid Identification of Colonies in Hygiene Monitoring Samples

11/09. Sensors Provide Early Warning of Biological Threats

11/09. 'Dipsticks' Made to Test Food for Toxins

11/06. 'Wonderbugs' Fight Pathogen on Tomatoes

11/05. Canadians develop test strips to reveal food toxins

11/02. Lab M Medium Selects Verocytotoxin Producing E. coli O26

11/02. New method to inhibit E-coli in sprouts

11/02. Listeria biofilm under attack from new disinfectant


10/30. Canada’s first organic preservative and disinfectant

10/30. Lab M medium selective for E.coli O26

10/29. Detecting sulfonamides in milk

10/27. Edmonton researchers use harmless bacteria to control listeriosis

10/26. US: Fight Biofilm food contamination 26 Oct 2009

10/26. AOAC-RI Validation For Idaho E.coli O157:H7 Test

10/23. Listeria in salmon killed by smoke treatment: Study

10/23. EAU Says It Can Kill Bacteria With Water


10/22. ARS, Company Team Up to Fight Biofilm Food Contamination

10/21. Poultry carcass scanner passes first test

10/20. Aflatoxin sorter tool now goes beyond peanuts

10/20. New cattle vaccine may make food, water safer for human consumption

10/20. Student Develops New E. coli Vaccine

10/19. RapidChek E. coli O157 Validated for Raw Beef Products

10/19. Brilliance™ CampyCount Agar Launched

10/19. New eco-friendly product kills Salmonella, E.coli and, Campylobacter

10/19. "Empowered Water" kills salmonella, E.coli and campylobacter


10/14. Goodbye 'R' rule? Oyster pathogen test may help make shellfish safer

10/14. EAU Technologies Receives Poultry Processing Patent for Empowered Water(TM)

10/14. Phage therapy reduces Campylobacter in poultry 13 Oct 2009

10/12. Neogen launches Veratox® for T-2/HT-2 toxins

10/12. First Aflatoxin Grain Test with Water-Based Extraction

10/12. Charm Sciences ATP Swab Tests Uses Recyclable Components

10/09. ARS System to Detect Poultry Contamination Passes First Commercial Test

10/09. Oxoid agar helps reduce campylobacter in poultry


10/07. Idaho Technology, Inc. Receives AOAC-RI Validation For E.coli O157:H7 Test

10/05. Nanotechnology sensor detects living bacteria at ultralow concentrations

10/05. Lab M's VCC Supplement Integral to E. coli O157 Isolation

10/05. Liofilchem FOOD SYSTEM Validated to ISO 16140

10/05. Oxoid Demonstrate Commitment to Food Safety

10/02. Spectrometers detect toxic trace metals in rice products

10/02. Food pasteurization boosts safety and cuts energy use

10/02. Researcher develops test for verifying antibiotics in feed

10/01. Raytheon introduces food safety system

10/01. New insights in acid premixture for poultry 01 Oct 2009


09/30. Eliminate Foodborne Pathogens In Meat and Poultry With Edible Apple Film Wraps

09/28. Better, cheaper, quicker food allergen tests on the way

09/25. Apple-based films show promise in preventing pathogens

09/23. New Biosensor Finds Bacteria In Seconds

09/22. Detect allergens in food within a few minutes

09/21. Danisco Uses AutoZone to Predict Efficacy of Bacteriocide in Foods

09/21. Screen Four Faecal Pathogens on One Strip in 24 Hours

09/21. New RIDA®COUNT Salmonella/ Enterobacteriaceae

09/18. Milk finger-printing detects contaminants to lift safety standards

09/18. “Revolutionary” new bottle sterilization kit launched at Drinktec


09/16. New Testing Option Extends Scope of Food Safety Screening

09/14. BAX® MP Enrichment Media AOAC Approved for O157:H7 and Salmonella

09/14. MU scientists develop method to detect live E. coli in ground beef

09/11. Wireless Temperature Monitoring And HACCP Food Safety Monitoring Solutions For Food Services

09/10. Tetra Pak beverage pasteurizer cuts costs and product losses

09/10. New pathogen detection system fastest and most comprehensive, says company

09/10. Test Detects Live E. Coli in Ground Beef

09/10. New Food safety technology for eggs

09/10. Allergen Alerts Added to ChefTec Software for Enhanced Food Safety Functionality


09/08. New Multiplex Diarrhoea Test Detects 15 Bacteria, Toxin & Viruses Simultaneously

09/08. Biosensor Detecting Very Low Levels of Salmonella

09/08. University Of Missouri Scientists Develop Method To Detect Live E. Coli In Ground Beef

09/08. Wireless Temperature Monitoring and HACCP Food Safety Monitoring Solutions for Food Services

09/08. Essential Oils From Common Spices Are Possible Allies In Food Safety

09/08. Lotpath offers food safety, traceability software


09/04. Coconut oil extract with nisin combats food bugs: Study

08/31. Food "Tattoos" an Alternative to Labels for Identifying Fruit

08/31. New Oxoid Media for Cronobacter species

08/31. Strategic Diagnostics to Use Bacteriophages to Improve Detection Assays

08/25. Norovirus Aboard Cruise Ship Rapidly Eradicated by Revolutionary new Vaporisation Process

08/25. How to Kill Germs, and Consumer Resistance

08/24. Lohmann vaccine protects layers against Salmonella

08/21. MicroPhage Opens Pivotal FDA Study on Bacterial Identification Platform

08/20. US: JBT FoodTech’s Bin Scrubber aims for food safety

08/19. Improved Accuracy and Sensitivity of Food Security System

08/19. EPA registration approves sanitiser for food processing


08/17. Broiler crate helps in battle against Campylobacter

08/11. Cash boost helps electron beam company make waves in aseptic packing

08/11. Albert’s Organics now utilizing NASA Food Safety Air Sanitation

08/11. New Endosafe®-PTS™ With Glucan Detection Capabilities

08/11. Momentum Grows for Two-step Approach to C. difficile Diagnosis

08/11. R-Biopharm Improves Detection of Colonies on RIDA®COUNT Staph aureus!

08/11. BAX® System Receives Emergency Response Validation

08/11. Lab M Media Selectively Identify Clostridium perfringens


08/06. Chew on This: LIMS Vital in Food Safety

08/05. Food gas sensor could show when fruit is ripe and meat fresh

08/04. Inactivating microbes using high-pressure throttling

08/03. Merck Chromocult® Coliform Agar now Approved for Processed Food

08/03. 12-hour Detection of Salmonella in Raw Meat

08/03. Lab M's Chromogenic Salmonella Medium Suits Food and Clinical Samples

08/03. RAPID'Salmonella Short Protocol, the Easy Way to Secure Your Production

08/03. RapidChek® SELECT™ Salmonella Gets AOAC ERV Certification for Peanut Butter

08/03. New PowerFood™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit.

08/03. New technology kills bacteria in packaged foods


07/30. Organic acids in feed lower Salmonella risk

07/27. 12-hour Detection of Salmonella in Raw Meats

07/27. RIDA®CHECK - Rapid Swab Test for Hygiene Monitoring of Surfaces

07/21. New Biosensor Detects Extremely Low Bacteria Concentrations Quickly, Easily And Reliably

07/21. Charm Sciences Receives 5-Year USDA Contract for Antibiotic Test

07/20. Premi®Test Salmonella Presentation at IAFP

07/20. FoodChek™-E.Coli Same-Shift Results in Raw Beef - now AOAC-RI Approved

07/15. AgriLabs Emphasizes Human Food Safety Benefits Of E. coli SRP 0157 Vaccine

07/14. Neogen Corporation Announces Year-End Results Conference Call

07/13. TaqMan® Kit Receives Emergency Validation for Salmonella in Peanut Butter


07/08. New Food Safety Technology Developed for Liquid Egg Products

07/08. New vaccine keeps E. coli inside cows

07/08. New Endosafe®-PTS™- Enhanced Endotoxin Test Sensitivity

07/08. New Automated Colony Counter and Zone Sizing with Unique HD Imaging

07/08. Is Your Pork Clean?

07/08. Lab M's Campylobacter Culture

07/08. Rapid Methods for Salmonella in Peanut Butter now AOAC-RI Approved

07/07. Intralytix Wins Army Grant for Salmonella and Shigella Technology


07/02. Top food scientist to target hidden fish allergens, pork, with new tests

07/01. FSU Professor Creating Test Strip to Find Hidden Fish Allergens and Pork in Everyday Food

07/01. Quechers Method Kits Simplify Food Sample Preparation for Pesticide Analysis

07/01. New Lab-on-a-chip Measures Mechanics Of Bacteria Colonies

06/30. Top Food Scientist To Target Hidden Fish Allergens, Pork With New Tests

06/30. Identifying Diarrhea Causing Bacteria By Tiny Difference In Genes

06/29. Rapid Micro Methods are Growing at Twice the Rate of Market Growth

06/25. New E.coli test certified by AOAC

06/25. Oxoid Tests Allow Rapid Diagnosis Of The Majority Of Causes Of Gastroenteritis


06/22. FDA Clearance for New Rapid Campylobacter Test

06/22. Lab M Focuses on ISO Compliant and Chromogenic Media at Food Seminar

06/15. Fluka's Wide Range of Chromogenic Media

06/15. Boot Swab for Environmental Monitoring of Salmonella in Poultry Flocks

06/10. MIT 1000 Rapid Microbial Identification System Receives AOAC Listeria Performance Test Certification

06/09. Laser sorter set to boost detection of aflatoxin

06/09. PAA-Based Antimicrobial Treatments Provides Food Safety Net For Food Industry

06/08. Infusion, irradiation may improve chicken meat safety

06/08. New Brilliance ESBL and VRE Agar Provide Results in 24 hours


06/04. Meridian wins approval for foodborne bacteria test

06/02. Custom-Built Food Processing Equipment Helps Increase Output without Sacrificing Quality

06/01. DuPont Qualicon BAX® System Vibrio Assay Certified by AOAC

06/01. Scripps Florida researchers develop new test for mad cow prions

06/01. MIT 1000 Rapid Microbial Identification System Is Award Candidate

05/28. Organic acids, plant extracts and irradiation to beat food-borne bugs

05/27. Study on Flash and Grow Automatic Colony Counter

05/27. Microgen Listeria-ID Improves Differentiation


05/22. New sanitiser to boost food hygiene standards

05/22. X-rays may offer benefits to help reduce risk of foodborne illness from oysters

05/22. Harlequin™ CSA-DFI Launch

05/22. RIDA®COUNT One of the World's Fastest Yeast and Mold Tests

05/11. New Fast Test for Detecting Campylobacter spp.

05/08. New Food Safety Technology Developed for Eggs

05/07. Listeria-ID system improved by Microgen

05/06. Upgrades for “the world’s most sensitive metal detector”


05/05. Longer shelf life thanks to high pressure

05/05. New Fast Test for Detecting Campylobacter spp.

05/05. Applied Biosystems New Kits to Detect Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes

05/05. Quickest Single Test for Beta-lactams and Tetracyclines in Milk

05/04. Botulism Assay Quickly Detects Potent Foodborne Toxin

05/01. Lasers used to detect melamine

05/01. Power-wash

05/01. MIT's Final Report Is Submitted to the AOAC for Listeria Performance Test Method Certification

05/01. Applied Biosystems Launches New Tools for Detection of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes


04/29. University of Missouri research show promise for improving food safety

04/27. Neogen Develops Quickest Single Test for Beta-Lactams and Tetracyclines in Milk

04/23. Biosensor allows rapid testing of L. monocytogenes in food – study

04/22. License deal for rapid pathogen killing technology

04/22. Salmonella and food pathogen testing

04/22. New biosensor for most serious form of Listeria food poisoning bacteria

04/22. Soleris Rapid Test for Total Yeast and Mold Receives AOAC Approval

04/22. Vancouver General Implements WASP®:

04/22. ELISA Systems Food Allergen Test Kits


04/21. ELISA kits make allergen testing easier, claims Oxoid

04/14. North American meat sector target of Listeria technology

04/13. Bioniche's E. coli vaccine edges into a tough market

04/13. Study Shows Silver-based Coating Reduces Contamination of Lab Equipment

04/13. Etest®, On-scale MIC Determination

04/13. Romer Labs® Introduces New AgraQuant® Food Allergen ELISA Test Kits


04/10. Swifter fusarium test for grain

04/08. New super swift salmonella detection kit

04/08. New E. coli vaccine for cattle gets conditional USDA license

04/08. NEW! iQ-Check Campylobacter

04/08. AOAC Emergency Response Validation: Salmonella in Peanut Butter

04/07. New kit in acrylamide 'war' targets asparagines analysis

04/06. UGA licenses invention that kills food-borne pathogens in minutes

04/06. Neogen's Receives First AOAC-OM Status for 375 g E. coli Test Samples

04/06. Celsis Introduces ReACT™ RNA-Based Microbial Detection Assays

04/06. AFNOR Certification for Assurance GDS™ - 20h Salmonella Test

04/06. New Liofilchem MIC Test Strips


04/03. New Salmonella test yields results in 48 hours

04/03. Thermo Fisher unveils new Salmonella test

04/02. Hot Solution To Bean Sprout Safety

04/02. Chip Detects Harmful Bacteria in Food Products

03/31. Now, more effective nisin antibiotics to fight food-borne superbugs

03/30. Lab M C. sakazakii Range

03/30. New! Confirmation of Listeria monocytogenes

03/30. Seeplex® Multiplex PCR from MAST

03/30. Microgen Bacillus-ID Improved

03/30. The Fastest Real-time PCR with Most Accurate Hi-Res Melting® System

03/30. Smart device may enable low cost cold chain monitoring


03/26. Chip can make sure safe food products aren't unduly discarded

03/26. SteriFx Inc. Provides 'Solutions' to Combat Campylobacter

03/25. DSM targets melamine contamination with antibody launch

03/23. New Salmonella detection kit is highly sensitive, claim developers

03/23. EnviroLogix Launches QuickToxT Kit for Melamine

03/23. Confirmation of Listeria monocytogenes in 6 h With a Single Broth

03/23. HybriScan® Detection of Organisms by rRNA (Micro Plate Test)

03/23. Oxoid Offers RapID Kits


03/20. Less energy usage is claimed for novel pasteurisation process

03/20. Vaccine a breakthrough in fight against E. coli

03/20. Ancient plant oils seen fighting food pathogens

03/20. K-State helps Epitopix license the first E. coli 0157 vaccine for cattle

03/19. Nanotechnology sensors detect salmonella in food

03/18. Edible film may kill bacteria in refrigerated foods

03/18. 'Smart' food-safety barcode developed

03/17. E. coli Vaccine for E. coli

03/16. Biosensor Platform for Rapid Low Cost Pathogen Assay

03/16. Lab M's Captivate™ Enhances Immunomagnetic Separation


03/13. Qualicon Finds a Quicker Way to Really ‘See’ Seafood

03/12. Simple Device Can Ensure Food Gets to Store Bacteria-Free

03/11. Device may help eliminate bacteria in food

03/10. A Better Way To Kill E. coli?

03/09. Bacteria under threat with new packaging device – study

03/09. Cleaning and Disinfection: Managing New Challenges - Conference Notes

03/09. Biosensor Platform for Rapid Low Cost Pathogen Assay -

03/09. RIDASCREEN® Salmonella - innovative test kit from R-Biopharm-

03/09. Automation of Traditional Microbiology Assays Improves Bottom Line


03/05. FDA accepts novel food sterilization process

03/03. Study shows plant extracts could be potent antibacterials

03/02. SpectraCell RA™ Rapid Bacterial Strain Analyzer

03/02. New BAX® System Assay for Rapid Vibrio Detection

03/02. Listeria Enrichment for Traditional and ELISA Procedures

03/02. Full Microbiology Lab Automation™ (FMLA):

03/02. DuPont Qualicon BAX® System Included in AOAC Emergency Response

03/02. Are You Sure Your Product is Free of Salmonella?

03/02. Oxoid Extends Range of ISO Compliant Culture Media

03/02. Ozone machine keeps bacteria at bay


02/25. New x-ray machines may kill food bacteria, prevent outbreaks

02/24. Mushroom extract shows promise for meat preservative

02/24. New technology boost for food safety, says Chr. Hansen

02/23. AOAC-RI Emergency Validation Program - Salmonella in Peanut Butter

02/23. FDA Clearance for Meridian PREMIER™ CAMPY Assay

02/20. Nanoparticles Might Fight Pathogens

02/20. URI chemists set bar high for food safety

02/17. Microbial volatile organic compound sensor

02/13. USDA Pressure Chamber Makes Egg Microcracks Shine

02/13. Sensor designed to sustain frequent cleaning

02/12. New food imaging technique improves food safety efforts


02/11. Smart label can indicate product freshness, says developers

02/10. Meridian wins FDA clearance for new campylobacter test

02/10. AOAC-RI Validation for R.A.P.I.D.® LT Listeria Test

02/10. RIDASCREEN® Salmonella - New Innovative Test Kit

02/10. Lab M's Harlequin™ Chromogenic Media for Listeria Isolation

02/10. MIT 1000 Rapid Microbial Identification System in Final Stage

02/10. Premi®Test Salmonella: Now Identifies 94 serotypes!

02/10. FDA 510(k) Clearance for AdvanDx E. coli/P. aeruginosa PNA FISH®

02/10. HACCP: A Practical Guide from Campden BRI


02/06. Edible Food Film Made from Tomatoes Prevents E. Coli Contamination

02/05. Willford’s research on almonds led to 99.999 % decrease in Salmonella

02/03. Food Safety: Melamine test looks promising

02/02. Faster Salmonella detection has meat applications

02/02. New Technique Developed For Quick Detection Of Salmonella

02/02. Oxoid Brilliance E. coli/coliform Selective Agar

02/02. Lab M Broth Lights up E. coli


01/29. Blood Test for 'Mad Cow' Disease May Be Near

01/26. Aerosol Disinfection made easier with MobiWatch® MaxiBIO

01/23. Test for melamine in milk claimed as fastest yet

01/22. Oxoid claims method is speedy way of recording E. coli

01/22. Scientists develop test for melamine in milk

01/21. bioMérieux's New TEMPO® Solution

01/21. Campden Catalogue of Rapid Microbiological Methods

01/21. BAX® System Salmonella Assay Now Certified by AOAC

01/21. Aerosol Disinfection made easier with MobiWatch® MaxiBIO


01/16. Pulsed light could inactivate Salmonella in liquid eggs

01/16. New test for yeast, moulds is sensitive and fast, says firm

01/13. Neogen milk test cleared

01/13. Staphylococcus aureus isolation

01/08. Edible films prevent, kill bacteria in tests

01/06. Nano sensors offer rapid detection of Salmonella, claims ARS

01/06. Multiple toxin detection tests may be on the horizon

01/06. Celsis Launches RapiScreen™ Beverage Microbial Screening System

01/02. Researchers to help commercialize irradiation technology

01/02. Nanotechnology to be applied to food safety


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