2012 - New Control Methods for Food Safety


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12/11. New Food Safety Tests Could Hamper Outbreak Detection

12/11. Inspectors to ensure food safety for Tet

12/11. Tests find food poisoning faster

12/10. New MRS Agar (ISO) Extends Lab M's Range for Lactic Acid Bacteria

12/06. Study hails cold plasma as weapon against E.coli


11/30. Combined method reduces E.coli on spinach, finds study

11/29. New Traceability System To Prevent Salmonella Outbreak in Eggs /

11/20. Anti-microbial air treatment will become 'important' hygiene factor - Ecolab

11/13. bioMérieux bids to detect listeria

11/13. High hydrostatic pressure has potential to eliminate pathogens in low-acid juices, says review


10/25. BIOTECON validation for pathogen detection systems

10/23. Scientists create ultra-thin material that could be used as food sensor

10/18. Coffin maker Hillenbrand boosts food processing portfolio

10/16. AOAC-RI for Roka Salmonella Detection in 10 Additional Food Matrices

10/09. Stable Micro Systems enhances texture analysis

10/09. Lab M for Isolation and Culture of Salmonellae


09/21. Food for life' programme proposes barrage of research

09/19. Cold Atmospheric Gas Plasma Technology May Keep Fresh Produce Salmonella-Free

09/11. Smoking out Listeria

09/03. Microwave sterilization system rolled out in US


08/31. Linpac partners with Addmaster for built-in antimicrobial packaging

08/21. Neogen unveils rapid Listeria detection test

08/07. Life Technologies develops same day E.coli testing solution

08/06. Canadian Partnership To Map Listeria Genome

08/06. Research Could Lead to E. coli O104 Treatments


07/30. FDA cites mixed findings on resistance in foodborne bacteria

07/23. E coli O145 outbreak called over, impact of listerio

07/20. Dog food Salmonella outbreak ends, HUS treatment, CDC raw-milk letter

07/18. Non-O157 E coli tests, cholera vaccination in Haiti, HFMD in SE Asia, C diff reporting, RSV vaccine trials

07/17. E coli-lettuce link, saving produce testing


07/12. Babesiosis mapping, Salmonella update, cholera in Cuba, MRSA infections, smallpox vaccine indications

07/10. New Listeria control software can reduce food NPD time - Purac

07/10. Hyperimmune Egg Yolk Antibodies Control Intestinal Poultry Diseases

07/09. New Electrostatic salad spraying technique shows 'efficacy' against E.coli

06/29. New Study Adds Up Annual Cost of Illness from 14 Foodborne Pathogens

06/29. Stealthy Microscopy Method Visualizes E. Coli Sub-Cellular Structure in 3-D


06/21. 2012 CRE Toolkit - Guidance for Control of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

06/20. Antimicrobial processing aids given study backing

06/18. Food Safety Tips for those Recovering from Wildfires, Other Fire Devastation

06/18. HHS Creates New Centers To Combat Bioterror, Pandemics


06/14. Promising Ebola treatment, Salmonella outbreak tied to dog food/

06/12. Rapidly Cooling Eggs Extends Shelf Life, Cuts Salmonella Risk

06/11. Altogen Labs Microorganism ID: Bacteria Identification Service

06/04. Hotel cleaning goes high-tech;

06/04. Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes on Ham and Bologna Using Pectin


05/31. Lawsuit Filed Against Diamond Pet Foods

05/31. Great News for Consumers and the Beef Industry - Testing from Non-O157:H7 to Begin

05/31. USDA poised to start testing beef for non-O157 E coli

05/30. Food Safety Testing Laboratory Expands its Capabilities in Seafood Analysis

05/30. Grow Green Industries develop all-natural food sanitizer and preservative

05/30. FSANZ approves new antimicrobial processing aid for meat and poultry

05/29. New Insights into Campylobacter Food Poisoning Bug

05/29. Alliance for Food and Farming Emphasizes New USDA Report


05/25. UK reaches marine biotoxin test milestone

05/24. Assay Enables Point of Need Salmonella Testing

05/23. USDA Launching Web Based Labeling System for Meat, Poultry, Eggs

05/23. Industry Taking Appropriate Steps To Ensure Beef is Safe from E. coli Contamination, Audit Finds

05/23. Effect of temperature and antimicrobial resistance on survival of Campylobacter jejuni in well water.

05/22. Antibiotic Residues, Some More Than FDA Limits, in Seafood Purchased at US Grocery Stores, Experts Say

05/21. Neogen ANSR -Food Pathogen Detection Faster than PCR

05/21. New Application of PCR for Following Early TB Treatment


05/18. New Method Detects Traces of Veterinary Drugs in Baby Food

05/17. CDC's Mahon Sees Progress in Curbing Listeria After Deadly Outbreak

05/16. Food-based natural nanoparticle discovery opens debate on safety

05/16. NHS CSP Approved HPV Assay Helps Labs to be Ready for HPV Triage Roll-out

05/15. Rapid Tests Support FSA Initiatives for Safer Food

05/15. Rapid Tracing of Food Products Prevents Illness


05/09. The 'Meatpacking Maverick' and USDA's New Traceback Policy

05/08. Antimicrobial Controls Listeria in RTE Meat, Poultry

05/07. UV Technology for Food Disinfection-New Claims

05/07. Means to Detect Low-Level Exposure to Seafood Toxin in Marine Animals Developed


05/03. Greater Protection for Lab Samples with New Polypropylene Universal Containers

05/02. Garlic Compound Fights Source of Food-Borne Illness Better Than Antibiotics

05/02. BioLaz™ Real-Time Microbial Monitor for rapid detection of airborne biological organisms

05/02. Researchers showcase 'easy' GM tracking technology

05/01. Rapid Test Strips to Detect Bacterial Contamination in Swimming Water

04/30. Online food safety management system launched by Hygiene Audit Systems


04/26. Canned Foods Offer Economical Way to Obtain Key Nutrients

04/24. Bartonella Infection Associated With Rheumatoid Illnesses in Humans

04/23. Edible food packaging dissolves in water - developer

04/23. Dangerous Hypervirulent Salmonella Strain Discovered


04/19. Rapid alert system analysis tool could pinpoint emerging food safety trends - developer

04/18. Sweden to outlaw bisphenol A in kids packaging but rejects full ban

04/18. X-ray launch meets industry drive to replace metal detection systems - Eagle

04/18. Scientists Identify Hypervirulent Salmonella Strains

04/16. Baby foods may not provide adequate levels of micro-nutrients: Study


04/13. Study Released on "Hypervirulent" Strains of Salmonella

04/13. Neogen adapts E.coli testing service to meet FSIS ground beef safety demands

04/10. Expert: 'Huge changes' in beef industry ensures food safety

04/10. DuPont in fresh fight over patent violation allegations

04/09. New Sealed Air Cryovac packaging gives raw meat significant shelf life boost


04/05. Residue-free hydrogen peroxide solution would be industry first for aseptic packaging - company

04/05. Molecular Detection Inc. Launches Improved Detect-Ready® MRSA Panel

04/04. Produce Salmonella 'rebound' ability highlights need for unbroken cold chain - researcher

04/03. New Hepatitis C Assay: an Important Aid in Diagnosis and Management

04/02. Gold nanoparticles offer quick and easy Salmonella detection - developer


03/30. Pathogen-combatting ultrasound wash system could provide organic alternative - developer

03/30. New Heating Mantles Offer Enhanced Safety and Durability

03/28. Study Suggests New Treatment for Bacterial GI Infections

03/28. Vaccinating Chickens Against Campylobacter

03/28. Pressure treatment for peppers, cholera vaccine update, two-drug TB regimen

03/27. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found in Soil and Water

03/27. Resin provides safer chemistry for food packaging film - company

03/26. Washington State University Developes Campylobacter Vaccine for Chickens

03/26. Agilent to boost Salmonella and food fraud detection through double edged FDA pact


03/23. Metal detector rapid-delivery scheme reduces downtime and safety concerns - provider

03/23. Rapid Microbial Testing of Soy and Nut-based Beverage Products

03/22. New Monoclonal Antibodies to Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV).

03/21. Cardiff University food safety device to detect E. coli

03/21. New dairy analog antibiotic could improve food safety, US researchers find

03/21. FDA-approved x-ray and metal detection test samples meet food safety demands - developer

03/21. Bioluminescent Food Poisoning Detector Glows Like A Firefly

03/20. Agilent Technologies, FDA to develop tools to detect food pathogens

03/20. FSANZ backs use of Dutch bacteriophage in dairy, meat and fruit

03/19. Acquisition will provide 'one-stop shop' for MAP testing demands - MOCON

03/19. Krones suggests EU trend towards juices and milk-based mixed drinks with natural fruit content


03/15. O104:H4 Genome Sequencing Used to Kill the Bug

03/14. E coli treatment, antibiotic resistance in EU, flu vaccine in preschoolers, measles-shot warnings, Lyme disease risk

03/14. Electrochemical treatment of wash water combats E.coli, allows reuse - research

03/12. GAO Looks at Preslaughter Interventions to Reduce E. coli

03/12. INCPEN publishes guide on e-commerce packaging design

03/12. NEWS SCAN: H5N1 fight and science credibility, WHO report on H5N1 meeting, avian flu outbreaks, more sprout-linked E coli cases

03/12. Irradiation should be approved to eliminate food pathogens - Canadian researcher


03/08. Another Clue to E. Coli O104:H4?

03/07. FSA appeals for research on reducing campylobacter

03/07. Big Six STEC Antibodies Available

03/07. Meridian Bioscience Receives FDA Clearance for New Legionella Test

03/06. Report cites mixed data on resistant bacteria in poultry, meat

03/06. Confusion and food safety risks: The unintended consequences of clean label demands

03/05. X-Ray Visible Plastic Additives promote food safety

03/05. European research project highlights 'novel processes' for food industry


03/02. Healthier coating system reduces oil 50% while retaining taste, claims JBT

03/02. Novel dairy waste disposal process offers significant savings on anaerobic digestion, UK firm

02/29. Continuous monitoring needed for aflatoxins in chocolate - study

02/29. Funding boost for technologies to rapidly detect food pathogens


02/24. Food safety tracking system to quicken response to food poisoning

02/23. USDA Develops New Method of Almond Pasteurization

02/22. IFS Management agreement will boost food safety standard recognition - Packaging Association

02/22. Research hails chlorine dioxide gas potential to combat Listeria threat on RTE meat processing kit

02/22. MicroVal Certifies New TVC Method for Raw Meat & Poultry

02/21. New lightweight packaging for fresh meat industry will reduce carbon footprint, says creator

02/21. Thermo Fisher puts 'global' carbendazim orange juice issue to the test

02/21. Assurance GDS Receives USDA 'No Objection' Letters for non-O157 STEC

02/20. Rapid and Accurate Detection of Norovirus


02/16. New ELISAs for Aflatoxin M1 Analysis in Milk

02/15. MIT Submits Application to AOAC for Certification of Test Methods for E. Coli and Salmonella

02/15. Food packaging giant's UK-based arm faces disruption over strikes

02/15. Eco-friendly food processing techniques could replace 'time-consuming' practices - EU project

02/15. UV and hydrogen peroxide combo most effective listeria reducing treatment, claims study

2/14. EU project to develop new eco-friendly food processing techniques, as current way is

"time-consuming" - project leader

02/14. Lab study raises questions over nano-particle impact

02/13. Food safety label wins top science award

02/13. Pro-Lab Diagnostics Launches Prolisa™ Cryptosporidium/Giardia EIA


02/09. E-beam tech effective leafy green safety tool but industry unwilling to adopt - study

02/08. Canadian tech firm partners Irish poultry giant in campylobacter fight

02/08. SDIX and BD to Develop a Microbiology Detection Solution

02/07. Complete Kit for Simple Sampling of Red Meat Carcasses

02/06. Packaging material factory opening will boost milk carton output - Tetra Pak

02/06. Successful UK Launch of Mast Uri®System


02/02. Plastic packaging GMP guideline released

02/01. DNA-nanotech development will move pathogen testing from lab to field - developer

02/01. 'ScentSational' packaging coating delivers food or drink aroma

01/30. 3M Food Safety introduces novel molecular detection system for pathogens

01/30. Silver-ion silicone boosts dairy processing safety - developer

01/30. Dioxins in Food-industry vs Regulatory Agencies

01/30. Rapid H. pylori Detection with PYLORITOP® Ag+


01/27. Revising food packaging standards will reflect industry practices - USDA

01/27. High Specificity Tests for Important Infectious Diseases

01/26. Authorities must assess safety of food packaging chemical - report

01/26. FDA Clearance for Verigene® Staph Blood Culture Test

01/25. Researchers to Look at 8 Harmful E. Coli Strains

01/25. Neogen Develops Simple, Precise Test for Mold Toxin Zearalenone

01/24. Surimi 'waste water' could provide source of additional fish protein ingredients

01/23. USDA Awards Grant to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for E. coli Research to Help Reduce Public Health Risks


01/13. Microwaves effective in zapping Salmonella on fresh vegetables - study

01/13. DuPont reaches settlement in refrigerant patent protection action

01/12. Listeria-busting discovery could be adapted for processing plants

01/12. Outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease Traced to Hospital Fountain

01/12. EnSURE Hygiene Quality Monitoring System Assessed as Suitable for Breweries

01/11. FDA Clearance For Meridian ImmunoCard® C. difficile GDH Test

01/11. AFNOR Validation for MicroSEQ® Listeria Assays

01/10. The Paradox of Safety vs Reality!-Ammoniated Beef

01/09. Focus on Productive Liquid Handling at SLAS 2012

01/09. Wood fibre bioplastic packaging can challenge despite 'limitations' - researcher


01/06. Probiotics and stevia extracts among new FCC proposed standards

01/06. Stackable Cubic Desiccators Save Benchtop Space

01/06. BD Veritor™ Ten Minute Flu A+B Receives 510(k) and CLIA Waiver

01/05. Ardagh aluminium acquisition to boost European output

01/05. Specialty packaging technology drives Landec profit surge

01/04. Cornell Researchers Find Listeria-Stopping Compound

01/04. New Study on Fluoride Shows No Benefits and Major Safety Issues

01/04. Peninsula Packaging snaps up thermoforming division

01/04. ProtoCOL Colony Counter Increases Throughput of Crucial Research on Food Pathogens

01/03. Campden BRI Guide to Microorganisms and their Control

01/03. DuPont sells bag-in-box ops

01/02.Tender coconut water-coconut board's claim for preservation


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