2013 - New Control Methods for Food Safety


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12/18. PathoGenetix pathogen system to be evaluated

12/17. UKAS Accreditation for CABI's Molecular ID of Bacteria Service


12/02. Neogen Introduces NeoFilm™ for Simple, Convenient, Microbial Testing

12/02. New Lab M Listeria Express Enrichment Broth


11/29. Phage isolated to kill E.coli O157 on beef

11/26. AOAC-PTM Cert Crystal Diagnostics Xpress - E. coli O157 in Beef Trim

11/26. Quicker, Easier test for Lactic Acid Bacteria using Soleris®

11/26. Health Canada Approval for Assurance GDS® E. coli O157:H7 Tq


11/19. Boekel Scientific Introduces a New Small Scale Bench Top Incubator

11/19. GeneAtlas® Microarray Identifies and Subtypes Pathogenic E. coli

11/19. Compact Multiple Format Laboratory Mixer for Microplates and PCR Tubes

11/19. Rheonix to Expand Automated Detection System to Food Pathogens

11/18. New Iron Sulphite Agar Detects Thermophilic Anaerobes in Canned Foods

11/18. Romer Labs® and ifp Launch New AgraQuant® F.A.S.T.


11/12. Invisible Sentinel Wins Certification for Its Listeria Monocytogenes Assay

11/11. Study: Blackberry Juice Prevents Growth of Food Poisoning Bacteria


11/05. Strategic Consulting Report on Food Testing in Contract Laboratories

11/05. Global Strategic Business Report on Food Safety Testing

11/04. Merck Millipore Launches Lockable ICRplus Settle Plates


10/21. Identification of Multiple Salmonella Serovars in Food Samples

10/21. Salmonella response built on defense tech


10/18. Study: Health Supplement Could Reduce Strength of E. Coli

10/17. Salmonella test system attains AOAC okay

10/17. NDSU Researchers Find Chocolate Compound Combats E. coli

10/16. CSPI: Declare Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella an Adulterant

10/15. New Heat2Seal™ Sealed Films for Microplates from Alpha Laboratories


10/11. Sample6 moves closer to pathogen detection tech commercialisation

10/09. DuPont BAX System Certified For Detecting E. coli

10/09. Packaging operation earns an "A" for food safety

10/08. Aflatoxin M1 Test Verified to Detect European Maximum Limit

10/07. AOAC Approval for Assurance GDS® Shiga Toxigenic E. coli (STEC) Detection Assay

10/07. ANSR™ for Listeria Receives Added AOAC Matrix Approvals

10/07. Same Shift Test Results for Coliform and E.coli now AOAC RI Approved


10/01. DuPont pathogenic E.coli test adopted by USDA-FSIS

10/01. Rapid Detection of Salmonella Serovars Enteritidis and Typhimurium

10/01. Lab M Showcase µPREP™ BPW (ISO) and Captivate™ O121 at Medica 2013


09/25. UV light and ultrasound show promise to decontaminate produce

09/25. Roka Bioscience Atlas System For Food Pathogen Detection Integrated At Department of Defense Food Analysis and...


09/20. Meat processor inks dehydration deal with EnWave

09/17. 3M Food Safety Launches 48-Hour Yeast and Mold Indicator Test

09/16. Microbiologics Receives 2013 Innovation Award from Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation


09/11. Hygiene, efficiency, ESL among key show trends, says Drinktec

09/10. Agilent boosts food safety and quality analysis

09/09. Tecan's Freedom EVO® Enables Quick Response to Animal Disease Outbreaks


09/05. Lab M launches E. coli testing tech

09/05. Salmonella in eggs problem cracked through radio frequency technique

09/04. DuPont exec tapped to lead food scientists

09/04. PROCESS EXPO serves up high-tech food education

09/02. ELISA Test Kit RIDASCREEN® Listeria - Proven Techniques, Reliable, Affordable!


08/29. Transforming safety can leverage profits and prevent recalls

08/26. E.coli on beef suffers at the hands of EO water


08/21. Food firms need cleaner hands

08/21. Symphony on same hymn sheet with agreement for anti-microbial product

08/20. 2D Code Reader Offers Unmatched Data Integrity


08/16. Software targets prevention of foodborne outbreaks

08/13. PIPETBOY pro from INTEGRA - Fast, Accurate Pipette Filling and Dispensing

08/12. First MicroVal Cert for Fully Automated Salmonella spp. Detection

08/12. Research Shows Chemicals Sprayed on Chicken May Mask Salmonella in Tests


08/09. Staphylococcus aureus attack strategy cracked by researchers

08/07. Neogen expands tests and services to target food safety

08/06. 3M Molecular Detection System Receives First AOAC-OMA Validation

08/05. X-Ray Machine Detects Hidden Dangers in Food


08/02. ME biosensors show promise for pathogen detection on food surfaces

08/02. SureTect Listeria monocytogenes Assay Gets AOAC-RI

08/01. Food safety app helps industry and legislators, say developers

08/01. NIH Study Finds Removing Protein Helps Mice Fight Staphylococcus Bacteria

07/29. AB Sciex unveils meat speciation method after horse meat scandal

07/29. Copper nanoparticles protect food from bacteria


07/24. New Accessions to the National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria

07/24. New Study Finds Antioxidant Supplements May be Counterproductive

07/23. Invisible Sentinel to Show Veriflow Technology at IAFP

07/23. Conda Introduce Two New Chromogenic Media

07/23. Ensure the Quality of Your Antimicrobial Preservatives

07/22. E.coli strain hoards iron to nullify salmonella


07/16. Salmonella control is aim of research partnership

07/16. Genome Canada reveals E.coli research grants

07/15. Antibiotic Resistance in Campylobacter Between 97 and 100 Percent, Study Finds


07/10. Listeria test lands AOAC OK

07/10. 3M Food Safety Launches Molecular Detection Assay For Listeria

07/09. Easy Colour Change Detection of Pathogenic Listeria

07/09. LED fixtures brighten food processing environments

07/08. Study Finds Industrial Farm Workers Carry Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria


07/02. $27m halal food processing plant to be built in Dubai

07/02. Canadian Agencies Fund Genomics Project to Eliminate Listeria


06/28. Natural Ingredient Controls Listeria in RTE Meat, Poultry

06/27. DuPont pioneers food-contact polymers for processing

06/25. Simple Media Dispensing - Smart, Compact Peristaltic Pump

06/21. Novel tech targets foodborne pathogen detection

06/18. Romer Labs' Laboratory granted ISO Certification for Food Allergen Analysis

06/17. German Study Finds Criteria for Listeria in RTE Foods Not Always Met


06/14. Electronic nose nanosensor in development for food safety

06/13. Study Links Bacteria in Processed Chickens to Contamination on Farm

06/12. 3M Launches Petrifilm Salmonella Express System

06/11. Scharlab Introduce Ready Prepared Tributyrin Agar

06/11. Canadian Botulism Study Finds Outbreaks Centered Around Native Population

06/10. Company helps food processors 'clean' labels

06/10. Analysis: Biotech wheat furor shows GM food safety debate far from settled

06/10. AOAC-RI Granted for the SureTect Salmonella Species Assay

06/10. Ceeram Receives IAFP Award for Enterovirus Detection

06/10. Food Microbiology Laboratories - New Guidance from Campden BRI


06/05. Researchers Develop Faster Method to ID Salmonella Strains

06/04. AFNOR Certifies 3M Molecular Detection Assay E.coli O157 (inc. H7)

06/04. RESOLUTION™ Microbial Genotyping System Confirms and Identifies

06/04. Food manufacturing activity steps up in May


05/28. Salmonella Uses Protective Switch During Infection

05/27. Researchers Discover Schizophrenia Drug Kills Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria


05/22. First genomes sequenced in foodborne pathogen database project

05/21. Lab M to exhibit at Campden BRI's Rapid Microbiological Methods seminar in June

05/20. Study Looks at Campylobacter and Salmonella in Pasture-Raised Broilers

05/20. Study Looks at Reducing Listeria in Deli Foods

05/14. Henkel offers resource for enhancing safety of food packaging

05/07. Online Tool Checks Automated Workflow Before Installation

05/07. Ultra Compact 0.50ml Tube Saves Valuable Storage Space

05/07. InstantLabs' Listeria Species Food Safety Test Kit Receives AOAC Cert

05/01. Study Finds Antibiotic-Free Turkey Less Likely to Harbor Resistant Bacteria

05/01. DuPont BAX System For Salmonella Gets OMA Status


04/29. Bruker Shows New Capabilities of MALDI Biotyper™ at ECCMID

04/26. Nan-no or nan-yes for nanotechnology in packaging?

04/23. Captivate™ O121 Extends Lab M Immunomagnetic Separation Range for STEC

04/23. INTEGRA adds to Reagent Reservoir Range

04/23. Priorclave Appoints New Sales Director

04/23. Thermo Fisher Scientific to Acquire Life Technologies Corporation

04/22. Test quickly detects if food is contaminated

04/22. Firm switches from anthrax to food safety

04/18. High Levels of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in U.S. Meat

04/17. E.coli Use Flagella As Propellers and Anchors, Study Finds

04/17. Analysis Finds Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria on Supermarket Meat

04/16. Marshfield Food Safety adds Roka Bioscience food pathogen detection

04/15. Charles River to Sell Axcess™ System, MALDI Biotyper Solution for EM

04/15. Study Examines Treatments for Microbial Contamination in Sprouts

04/15. RPI Food Packaging Kills Listeria Without Chemicals, Antibiotics

04/11. Fresh biofilms research will help inform antimicrobial strategies

04/08. Safe Flame Sterilization

04/05. Galactic targets improved food security with expanded natural preservative range

04/04. Study Finds Clumsy Government Response to 2011 Salmonella Ground Turkey Outbreak

04/04. Using Nanotechnology to Kill Listeria in Foods

04/02. EZ-Product Family for Bioburden Analysis and Microbial Detection in Beverages


03/29. Albis and Addmaster collaborate on antimicrobial protection

03/27. Poultry texture analyser delivers speed and accuracy

03/19. Filter Bags Provide the Best Analyses with INTERSCIENCE

03/19. Vacuum Aspiration of Liquids in Biosafety Level 1, 2 & 3 Laboratories

03/19. Seward Stomacher® used in Environmental Listeria Contamination Study

03/12. Lab M Hosts Meeting of ERAM at New HQ

03/12. Report: Alabama poultry processing 'poses unacceptable dangers'

03/11. Microbiologics Offers Big Six STEC Controls

03/11. 3M's Salmonella Detection Assay Certified For All Food Products

03/08. Organisational belief key to food safety success, says Ecolab

03/05. Lab M Reaps Rewards of Continual Investment in Quality

03/04. LGC First to Offer Proficiency Testing Rounds on Meat Speciation

03/04. Meat Speciation Testing by ELISA now Accepted by the FSA

03/04. Service Lab Adopts Atlas System for Food Pathogen Detection

Servi0ce Lab Adopts Atlas System for Food Pathogen Detection

02/26. Point-of-Need DNA Testing for Horse Meat Available Soon

02/22. Natural antifungals from sourdough have food potential: Researchers

02/21. Scientists Conduct Human Trial of Two New Shigella Vaccines

02/19. DuPont™ BAX® System Certified by AOAC for Salmonella Detection

02/04. FOSS Provides 4 Year Warranty on Analytical Instruments


01/22. INTEGRA Biosciences Announces French Subsidiary

01/21. Technology allows faster screening for bacteria on food

01/16. Food quality key to customer loyalty - survey

01/08. Lab M's New Vibrio Enrichment Medium Meets ISO Standards in Full

01/07. E.coli Strains That Cause UTIs Increasingly Resistant To Antibiotics

01/02. INTEGRA Focuses On Productive Liquid Handling at SLAS 2013




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