2015 - New Control Methods for Food Safety


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12/28. New Norovirus Strain Discovered in Minnesota

12/22. Substitution found in turkey product testing

12/22. University of MN Identifies New Strain of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

12/15. Authenticity testing growing but food safety remains core - Agilent

12/14. An Investigational Team Approach to Plant Pathogen Contamination

12/10. Rapid Test for E. coli O157 Developed

12/07. Produce is the Most Common Source of Food Poisoning Outbreaks, Says Study


11/30. Hygiene concerns of cheese purchased online ‘justified’ - study

11/11. Study: Washing Utensils Between Uses Important for Safer Produce


10/14. Researchers suggest how caramel coated apples support Listeria growth

10/13. Study Finds Listeria Grows in Caramel Apples with a Stick

10/13. UK launches new food safety qualifications

10/13. New cases reported in multi-year, multi-country Salmonella outbreak

10/08. Hanovia UV eliminates bacteria from water in soft drinks manufacturing process


09/27. E. coli Evolved to Become Deadly 30 Years Ago, New Study Finds

09/17. Getting active and intelligent with food packaging and safety

09/15. Packaging going bananas and questions on biodegradable alternatives

09/08. Chemical-Free Process Approved for Pasteurizing CA Almonds


08/31. Eurofins uses NGS testing to identify non-targeted microorganisms

08/29. Study: Purported Health Benefits of Raw Milk are “Myths”

08/17. Sandals, sunglasses and Salmonella? Study finds pathogens introduced via luggage

08/11. Understanding Listeria growth methods on salmon to help controls

08/10. Salmonella in the sights for genomic research

08/07. NeoSeek-ing pathogenic serotypes of Salmonella

08/04. Novel tech predicted to have significant impact on food safety


07/31. LC-MS/MS method supports authenticity, safety and meat quality

07/28. New Research Uses UVC Light on Fruits to Kill Pathogens

07/28. Captivate-ing! Lab M expands IMS products to include E.coli O91

07/27. Study Links Meat to Klebsiella Pathogen

07/25. Consumers could be exposed to Klebseilla from meat – study

07/25. Study Links Meat to Klebsiella Pathogen

07/22. Blue LEDs For Chemical-Free Food Safety

07/21. No More Bad Apples: Researchers Use UVC Light to Inactivate Fruit Pathogens

07/20. UC Berkeley Develops 3D Printed Sensors for Food Safety

07/16. Study: Consumers Prefer U.S. Labeled Meat

07/12. Studies Show Plastic Replacements May be Risky


06/17. Use of Whole-Genome Sequencing in Food Safety

06/08. White paper: Looking for a leaner manufacturing process?

06/02. UNL to research low-moisture food safety techniques


05/18. Systems for Foreign Object Detection

05/08. NAMPA and ACC hit out at BPA decision


03/25. Understanding metal detectors for GFSI audits

03/22. Scientists Scrutinize DNA In Blue Bell Ice Cream Listeria Outbreak

03/18. Study: Peanuts May Help to Ward Off Some Foodborne Illnesses

03/17. Norway food safety test uncovers new pig superbug outbreaks

03/10. New Radiation Detector for Food Uses Space Technology

03/03. Researcher Discovers New Salmonella Serotype


02/24. Agencies Develop New Model for Foodborne Illness Sources

02/11. QUAFETY Scientists present the applied Quality and Food Safety Management System of participating SMEs as a diagnostic instrument


01/27. Paris Researchers Find Placental Breach Mechanism for Listeria

01/26. Research Discovers New Salmonella Serotype

01/20. Texas Tech Researcher Discovers New Strain of Salmonella

01/16. Food safety and quality more related than ever, says newly-launched firm

01/09. Beverage & Dairy Treatment: Roundtable discussion

01/09. Becoming an HPP Poster Boy, Putting the Joy Back in US Juice with Aseptic

01/06. 3M Food Safety Launches 24-Hour Aerobic Bacteria Indicator Test




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