2016 - New Control Methods for Food Safety


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12/19. DuPont Sells Its Food Safety Diagnostics Business to Hygiena

12/13. 8% of Finnish chicken contaminated with Campylobacter - study

12/09. Use of infrared and UV investigated to inactivate microorganisms on meat


10/24. UV disinfection alternative to inactivate microorganisms - atg

10/11. New Study Finds that Acute Foodborne Illness Can Lead to Crohn's Disease

10/06. KMC finds adulterated food stuff in surprise food safety drive


09/30. Oceana finds support for seafood traceability requirements

09/26. Kansas researchers develop nanosensor for faster E. coli detection

09/21. Scientists make norovirus cultivation breakthrough

09/20. Purdue Scientists Have Bright Idea for Detecting E. Coli

09/19. UF Researcher Finds New Quick Salmonella Detection Method

09/16. Need for femtogram-level quantitative analysis is expanding, says Shimadzu

09/15. FSS finds O157 and non-O157 strains of E. coli in Errington Cheese

09/06. Netherlands reports Salmonella cases as part of wider outbreak


08/29. Scientists at Baylor College Successfully Culture Human Norovirus

08/26. Micreos positive on EFSA Listex opinion

08/22. FSA reveals Campylobacter testing methodology ahead of survey restart

08/10. Yarok system speeds up pathogen detection in fruit and veg industry

08/09. Campden BRI: Bacteriophage treatments are not a 'magic bullet'

08/05. Eurofins to expand Chinese food testing lab


07/27. Preventing false-positive results in your pathogen food safety program

07/22. Electronic Bacteria Sensor for Medicine, Food Safety

07/21. Researchers Use NIFA Grant to Develop Rapid Food Safety Test

07/13. Inexpensive camera system detects foodborne toxins

07/12. Spoilage bacteria grow faster than pathogenic organisms, finds EFSA analysis

07/12. New Study Examines Food Safety Practices of 60 Public Companies and Identifies Five Key Industry Trends

07/11. New 3M Clean-Trace System Provides Food Safety Data Faster and Easier than Ever Before

07/04. FSA assessing analytical options ahead of Campylobacter survey restart


06/24. Salmonella outbreak from novel serotype reported in Greece

06/22. JRC develops CRMs to detect enterotoxin A in cheese

06/20. Low levels of STEC found in Swedish beef

06/16. Studies highlight past and present Salmonella outbreaks

06/02. Agilent Technologies introduces atomic spectroscopy platform


04/13. 3M Food Safety's MLS Beverage Screening Kit Provides Results in Less Than 30 Minutes

04/04. Study: How Often are Retail Deli Machines Cleaned?


03/16. PHE reveals results of pilot E. coli proficiency testing scheme


02/26. RGF upgrades surface sanitation tunnel and targets wider market reach

02/23. CosmosID brings metagenomics platform to Qiagen partnership

02/23. Comparison of Filtration Units for Assessing Microbiological Recovery

02/17. Campylobacter prevention measures ‘urgently’ required


01/29. Research round-up: How can bacteriophages, turmeric and BARDOT ensure safe food?

01/26. Sample6 awarded patent for tech behind pathogen detection platform

01/25. Bio-Rad joins Mars and IBM-led food safety consortium

01/22. IFR finds spore loads of Clostridium botulinum smaller than previously thought

01/18. Heateflex launches automated media preparation system

01/13. Experts to study food safety of oilfield wastewater

01/11. BioMérieux seals acquisition to boost bioinformatics offering

01/04. Bacteriophages: An Old Antibiotic Alternative Becomes New Again





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