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11/30. There's No Shame in Having Food Allergies; Calls for Action
11/30. UFFVA, PMA offer food safety guidance for melon industry
11/30. Longmark Industries Targets Food Borne Illnesses with New
11/30. EU strengthens allergen labelling
11/30. EU experts meet to discuss problems with packaging chemical
11/30. South Korea Delays Decision to Resume U.S. Beef Imports
11/29. Preventing Health Risks Associated with Drinking Unpasteurized or Untreated Juice
11/29. Benzoates and sorbates in soft drinks survey
11/29. Guidance on preparing infant formula
11/29. Investigations continue into Northern Ireland coldstore
11/28. Tasty Toadstool or Fatal Fungus? Federal Researcher Makes Call 
11/28. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
11/28. Illinois to increase BSE surveillance to include feed
11/28. E. coli outbreak spawns first lawsuit
11/28. Researchers find animal antibiotics in vegetables
11/28. More fresh produce linked to Salmonella, CSPI says
11/28. Taiwan urged to lift ban on U.S. beef
11/28. Research reveals new strategy to reduce campylobacter in chi
11/28. Health experts hold key to food safety
11/27. EU scientists call for listeria alert network for food
11/27. Microbiological criteria related directives and decisions
11/27. Chemical safety - food contact materials
11/27. Microbiological criteria
11/27. Consultations: food safety
11/27. Food poisoning can be serious, doctors and vets have key
11/27. Raw milk
11/26. Sprouts in Canada
11/26. Canada zeroes in on prion diseases, including mad cow diseas
11/26. Lawsuit filed against parsley grower linked to WA, OR
11/26. Public advised to avoid eating mung bean sprouts
11/26. Salmonella controls on pigs to tighten
11/26. Activists dig through trash for food
11/26. Thermometers for Thanksgiving
11/26. Towards a national food safety strategy
11/25. BSE - annual reports
11/25. USDA searches for leaders in food safety innovations
11/25. Food inspections leave bad taste
11/25. Boil notice placed on Co. Limerick group water scheme
11/24. China-water panic
11/24. Bacterial film
11/24. Going public
11/24. Investigations continue into Northern Ireland coldstore
11/24. Changes to allergen labelling
11/23. EUROPE: EU says tainted Nestle baby milk unlikely to harm he
11/23. Tetra Pak phasing out chemical in milk and juice cartons
11/23. Nestlé baby milk recall begins due to concerns
11/23. More fresh produce linked to Salmonella, CSPI says
11/23. Sense of proportion vital in determining food risk
11/23. UCD researching food allergies
11/23. Thanksgiving tips: Hold the bacteria
11/23. Christmas food ban after E.coli
11/22. Investigations continue into Northern Ireland coldstore
11/22. Are we blowing food safety out of proportion?
11/22. NSF releases top ten places germs lurk in schools
11/22. Review urged on suspect sewage
11/22. Salmonella outbreaks linked to produce on the rise
11/21. SOUTH KOREA: Study shows Kimchi can prevent food poisoning
11/21. [Greece] Dangerous Manouri Cheese
11/21. Scottish youngsters' hygiene designs go live
11/21. Vegetables and fruits cause more US food illnesses
11/21. Contaminated Baby Milk Recalled in Europe
11/21. Food Handling Practices Uncovered At Restaurants
11/21. Food-Safety Agencies Mince Their Meats
11/20. KENYA: Kenya to adopt East African Community food safety rul
11/20. Korea step closer to resuming U.S. beef imports
11/20. BC-Prion-Mad
11/19. List of specialised Committees and Task Forces - Codex Commi
11/19. Kimchi ‘can ward off food poisoning’
11/19. Sioux City Iowa sees major rebirth in breakthrough food tech
11/18. [NZ] Food safety agency eyes major cost recovery projects
11/18. Koizumi: Market will reopen before end of year
11/18. UK draft code of practice to usher in EU-wide hygiene laws
11/18. Industry relieved as chemicals law excludes food, ingredient
11/18. European developments in labelling allergenic foods
11/18. Czech customs officers impound health risk Turkish figs
11/18. Food safety for all
11/18. Government will maintain higher testing for mad cow disease
11/18. Safety alerts indicate continuing problems in EU countries
11/18. Handling venison safely ensures quality of meat
11/18. FDA asked to rescind use of carbon monoxide for meats
11/18. Supermarket Meat May Not Be as Fresh as You Think
11/18. Thanksgiving Dinner Safe From Bird Flu, Experts Say
11/18. Be smart when handling pets to avoid disease
11/18. County allows Missoula restaurant to reopen after salmonella
11/18. Drinking too much water, not E. coli, damaging kidneys
11/18. UCD food safety center put on hold
11/18. Multi-lingual seminars to promote food safety system
11/18. Audit finds lax food, restaurant inspections
11/18. Enjoy the turkey, but hold the bacteria
11/18. It May Be Hot Air, But Safe Eggs Rule the Roost
11/18. Cause Of Mad Cow Disease May Be Found In Milk: Study
11/18. USDA Offers Food Safety Advice For Your Thanksgiving Meal | En Español
11/18. [UK] Agency investigates Northern Ireland coldstore
11/17. U.S. to lift ban on older Canadian cattle within one year
11/17. Eat up! Region vouches for restaurants' food safety
11/17. Food Irradiation Processor's Association (FIPA) takes the le
11/17. National food safety campaign targets university students
11/17. Artificial sweetener causes cancer in rats at human levels
11/17. Scientist watches over food
11/17. Despite health dangers, demand is high for raw milk
11/17. No paper towels, no soap, no problem? Nope
11/17. Disbelief over cattle focus in E.coli probe
11/17. E.coli outbreak 'ended toilet paper ban'
11/17. Food contact materials - documents
11/17. List of agreements funded in FY 2005
11/17. FSIS awards more than $2.5 million for 2005 cooperative agre
11/17. U.S. to lift curbs on Canadian beef
11/17. International partnership for poultry safety
11/17. New ZAP Salmonella targets for pig producers
11/17. Water scare; False contamination alarm shows testing system
11/17. Man alleges ice cream contained poison
11/17. Food authority allays consumer concern about “food that glow
11/17. Tiny label on irradiated fruit angers environment group
11/16. Creation of consumer group devoted to protecting food and wa
11/16. Struck down by food bugs
11/16. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
11/16. Raw food diets pose risk for pets and people
11/16. Work kitchens can be 'death traps'
11/16. 100 years ago: Safe milk
11/16. [UK] Guidance on the investigation and control of outbreaks of foodborne
11/14. Bylaw would force restaurants to make inspection reports
11/14. Dole facing lawsuits over bagged salads
11/14. Fifth international conference on emerging infectious diseas
11/14. Cider makers are feeling the press
11/14. E. coli warning posted
11/14. E coli and pesticide found in imported veggie test samples
11/14. UK starts new BSE testing rule
11/13. Adjusting to allergies
11/13. U.S. Will Maintain Higher Mad Cow Standard
11/12. FDA targets lettuce industry with E. coli guidance
11/12. Desktop dining at work raises food safety issues
11/12. China, EU sign food safety agreement
11/11. [UK] £1.2 million for midwife disabled by food poison
11/11. [UK] Cutting plants licensed for OTM cattle
11/10. Nut allergies may not last, says study
11/10. ISO food safety certification underway in EU
11/10. UK's new BSE rules opens door to more beef supplies
11/10. FSIS Provides Questions and Answers to Notice 45-05
11/10. Discounted Sleeping Room Deadline for Allergens Conference
11/10. EFSA wants to standardize risk assessment methodology
11/10. PERSPECTIVE: potential for relaxing EU ban on beef exports
11/10. Ontario Food Protection Association 2005, 47th annual mtg
11/10. Respect your workmates: always wash your hands
11/10. Worms know bad food when they smell it
11/10. GAO scalds FDA on feed ban
11/10. Most Consumers Would Consider Cloned Meat, Says Study
11/09. FDA: E. coli efforts lacking
11/09. Report finds flaws in mad cow test program
11/09. DNA Chips Spot, Help Track Antibiotic Resistance
11/09. Guidance on new EU Official Feed and Food Controls Regulation
11/09. [UK] New BSE information for consumers
11/09. FSA Scotland publishes new hygiene leaflets
11/08. Expert panel analyzes risk based approach to fight Listeriosis
11/08. FMI promotes safe food-handling and prevention of foodborne
11/08. Call for Abstracts
11/08. Parasites sour appetite for peppered pickle
11/08. Safe food crew... Is here for you!
11/08. Running away from germs
11/08. Is the food in your fridge safe to eat?
11/08. The claim: antibacterial soap works better than regular soap
11/07. Switch to flexible approach for assessing cancerous agents
11/07. Food safety crackdown underway in the EU
11/07. SCFCAH - Biological safety of the food chain
11/07. UK lifts ban on older cattle entering food chain
11/07. Go wash your hands!
11/06. [Ireland] One food business closed in October
11/06. [UK] E. coli school testing under way
11/05. Ontario: Black widow spider found in bag of organic grapes
11/05. Health officials say four eateries broke food laws
11/04. U.S. urges Japan to raise beef import age limit to 30 months
11/04. Majority of Japanese oppose resuming U.S. beef imports
11/04. [UK] Honey recall highlights danger of counterfeits
11/04. [Wyoming] Mule deer tests positive for CWD
11/04. Eating well - and safely - during your golden years
11/04. EU rapid alert detects L. monocytogenes in smoked salmon
11/04. Japanese food commission approves report on U.S. beef safety
11/04. S Korea Ready To Streamline Food Safety Supervision
11/04. First Call For The 2006 NSF Food Safety Leadership Awards
11/04. Rapid alert system for food and feed (RASFF)
11/04. New Zealand Foodsafe week
11/04. FSA Scotland publishes new hygiene leaflets
11/03. Restaurants and Grocers Reopening After Hurricanes and Flooding
11/03. Food Safety for Consumers Returning Home After a Hurricane and/or Flooding
11/03. E. Coli Food Contamination of Beef a Threat World-Wide
11/03. For Less Memorable Holidays, Help Prevent Foodborne Illness
11/03. [Ghana] Study points to faecal contamination in food
11/03. Laying Down the Law on Food Safety
11/03. Benefits and risks of salmon consumption
11/03. Dairy cows act as biofilters for perchlorate
11/03. Public Comment Period Begins as Japanese Food Safety Comm
11/03. Congressmen to USDA: Restore Full Cattle Trade with Canada
11/03. FSIS Committee on Meat and Poultry Inspection Public Meeting
11/03. Japan plans to base beef inspectors in U.S. and Canada
11/03. Most herdmates, offspring of 'Texas cow' sent to slaughter
11/03. FSIS to adopt new E. coli test
11/03. Japan's Food Safety Commission approves report
11/03. Trojan Technologies wins NYC drinking water UV project
11/03. Forgotten lessons
11/02. Safe drinking water act determination
11/02. Americans may have eaten mad cow
11/02. S.Korea wants to avoid kimchi trade war with China
11/02. Homemade treats in public schools a thing of the past
11/02. [UK] Sheep maternity move helps cut illness across northwest
11/02. French supermarket chain sold suspect meat in Portugal
11/02. Japan unlikely to ease mad cow safeguards-farm min
11/02. Beef-inspection
11/02. [UK] New BSE information for consumers
11/02. [UK] Regional workshops to improve awareness of food hygiene
11/01. Japanese technical panel OK's U.S., Canadian beef
11/01. C. jejuni reveals genetic markers predictive of source
11/01. Food safety not limited to supermarket
11/01. Marler Clark files third E. coli lawsuit against Dole
11/01. Case closed on glass in bread
11/01. [Austral] Illegal use of preservative in fresh mince plunges
11/01. Ottawa warns against serving unpasteurized cider to children
11/01. Peel puts food safety on menu


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