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11/30. Banknote security transformed for food safety

11/30. Peptides used as antimicrobials in foods

11/30. 3M acquires Biotrace


11/30. Bacon, skinless chicken linked to increased risk for bladder

11/30. Japan conducts surprise inspections of U.S. beef facilities

11/30. Johanns Says S Korea Applied "Invented" Standard I

11/30. Various Food Processing and Preservation Technologies Height

11/30. Hong Kong to tighten food safety laws

11/30. Food safety team to check restos, markets, producers

11/30. 'New refuse system has given me deadly food poisoning'

11/30. BC-US-Beef

11/30. Report due by week's end on restricted cattle herds

11/30. Homeopathic remedies offer travelers peace of mind

11/30. Hepatitis A immunization is a good idea - even if you never

11/30. NZFSA moves to curb Campylobacter rates

11/30. Salmonella water still on sale

11/30. Beware of raw milk

11/30. Consumers want choice

11/30. The milk debate

11/30. McGuinty, Sorbara split over raw milk

11/30. AMI disputes call for CO2 ban

11/30. Report of razor blade in salad leads to inspection

11/30. Edible coatings kill food-borne microbes

11/30. Dairy farmers of Ontario applauds government action on unpas

11/30. Unpasteurized milk poses great health risk

11/30. Farmer: I got a raw deal


11/29. Peanut gene breakthrough may lead to allergen free nuts

11/29. EU approves Bulgaria, Romania's food safety measures

11/29. USDA revives efforts to import older Canadian cattle

11/29. Another Naysayer of Buyer-led Food Safety Initiative

11/29. Food firms unaware of contamination risk

11/29. Czech authorities confirms new mad cow case

11/29. Food poisoning is Russian roulette in U.S.

11/29. Kentucky worst at detecting outbreaks

11/29. Many Holiday Foods Pose Risk When Not Handled Properly

11/29. Seminar modifies the debate on genetics and the food supply

11/29. Food safety issues raised for homeless



11/29. Boil-water advisory was 'the right decision'

11/29. Cowichan Hospital fails food safety inspection

11/29. Closed mouths won't make food safer

11/29. Butchers pass food award scheme with flying colours

11/29. Freshly baked handouts forbidden in Fairfax

11/29. The raw milk debate

11/29. Raid by police, health authorities flabbergasts Ontario dair

11/29. US -- South Korea -- Beef

11/29. More veterinary and food safety decisions for after Enlargem

11/29. Water bug blamed on technology shortage

11/29. Demand right to make choices

11/29. Health isn't the real issue in raid on Michael's farm

11/29. CDC issues alert on queso fresco

11/29. Certified managers may reduce restaurant food hazards

11/29. Donair shops checked after E. coli cases

11/29. EU Cautious on US Plan To Milk Cloned Cows


11/28. ACMSF annual report published

11/28. Scientists look to 'desensitise' kids to food allergens


11/28. South Korea suspends beef imports from Creekstone plant

11/28. BSE case reported In Czech Republic

11/28. Food safety tops the menu

11/28. More veterinary and food safety decisions for after Enlargem

11/28. Cadbury's secret benzene recall

11/28. Success with egg allergy could transfer

11/28. Taking the acrylamide out of wheat

11/28. Mad Cow Risk Low for Hemophilia Patients


11/28. Contaminated food scares drive many HK residents to organic

11/28. FSIS clarifies use of training materials

11/28. Hepatitis A outbreak brings mass vaccines

11/28. Greater Vancouver boil-water advisory lifted

11/28. Investigation: 1 In 10 schools has serious health violations

11/28. Urban devotees of raw milk soured by health raid on farmer

11/28. Government Won't Make Animal IDs Mandatory After All

11/28. Canada Beef Back On Table


11/27. Armagh caterers get food allergy aware

11/27. Workshop to tackle future food threats

11/27. Reviewing delivery of official controls in UK approved meat premises

11/27. Cryptosporidium - Workshop - Next Course in Hamburg

11/27. Hershey’s comes clean about contamination

11/27. FDA modifies lead levels in candy


11/27. Nanotechnology risks need more study, German survey finds

11/27. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

11/27. Probe into banquet hall food ongoing

11/27. Transition to new food regime under discussion

11/27. Health panel is done in by council's vote

11/27. New rules could close restaurants: 600 in Macomb Co. not yet

11/27. No food safety training required

11/27. Limited resources hamper county inspectors


11/26. Couple: McDonald's hamburger had worms

11/26. Unpasteurized milk can carry diseases - letter of the day

11/26. Lots of evidence out there on raw milk issue

11/26. Raw Milk Debate: Health Hazard Or Better Beverage?

11/26. Virus threat keeps camp closed

11/26. Better advisory effort needed

11/26. Restaurants cited for violations

11/26. Eatery open after years of failed inspections

11/26. Is it safe to eat out?: Diners denied easy access to restaur


11/25. Inspecting is big job locally: Health official explains proc

11/25. Russian watchdog denies mad cow outbreak in southern provinc

11/25. Doctors say food will never be entirely risk-free

11/25. Fair Board discusses E. coli plan

11/25. Health department's handling of outbreak appalling

11/25. Shuttered eatery at war with health dept

11/25. Rhondda seizes all food vendor's stock

11/25. Sect's tearoom fights health code

11/25. Murdoch hopes to diffuse raw milk dispute

11/25. Supporters stand with Schmidt

11/25. Food safety and E. coli are topics of new video postings


11/24. Tests find Vancouver water free of E. coli

11/24. FMI to hold December meeting on leafy greens

11/24. Top doc advises: change your vernacular

11/24. S. Korea suspends U.S. beef imports

11/24. Illness doesn't deter couple from again cruisin' the seas

11/24. Local kids who contracted E. coli improving, but challenges

11/24. Cash down the drain: Boil-Water Advisory

11/24. "Disposal" of condemned meat is done

11/24. Schmidt starts hunger strike

11/24. Raw milk a killer: McQuigge

11/24. Observant Jews sue Vienna Beef


11/23. Genome sequencing of lactic acid bacteria is boon for food p

11/23. Salmonella contamination in non-UK produced shell eggs on re

11/23. E. coli found in B.C. water

11/23. A raw-milk raid leads to a special Thanksgiving

11/23. Raw milk raid 'a total provincial thing,' says Lynn

11/23. Michael Schmidt's raw-milk emporium

11/23. Inspectors say restaurant employee to blame for illness

11/23. Change proposed in BSE assessment

11/23. Russia to ban EU animal imports

11/23. Police still investigating syringe casings at Schneiders

11/23. Growers talk about extra measures taken to ensure healthines

11/23. Restaurant Monitor

11/23. Farm raided for raw milk


11/22. Reviewing delivery of official controls in UK approved meat premises

11/22. Common HACCP Questions Answered by FSIS

11/22. Salmonella in chicken meat


11/22. Study suggests egg allergy treatment

11/22. Pilot study successful in taming allergic reactions to food


11/22. A Russian roulette of food poisoning in U.S.

11/22. Cancer-causing fish slip through food safety supervision net

11/22. Appeals court turns down USDA request to dismiss R-CALF case

11/22. Cattle herds under quarantine

11/22. Meals to Come: A History of the Future of Food

11/22. Cure me

11/22. Doctors' pagers found to be hotbeds of bacteria

11/22. Hong Kong finds dye in one China egg, halts imports

11/22. New prescribed contaminants list

11/22. New standard for turkey doesn't fly with some cooks

11/22. No date specified yet to reopen Hershey plant

11/22. RBG caterer fined for 2005 incident

11/22. "Snail patients" sue health bureau for failing to

11/22. Two restaurants slapped with clean-up orders by Capital Heal

11/22. Citizens left in the dark: Clark



11/21. Russia moves closer to importing U.S. beef

11/21. Debate Over Peanut Allergies Hits Local Schools

11/21. Cargill recalls contaminated Canadian cattle feed


11/21. Salmonella on the rise in chicken meat

11/21. Ag Commissioner alerts Georgians to potential Salmonella in

11/21. New food safety rules have eateries scrambling

11/21. European Food Safety Authority public consultation

11/21. Mercury a food chain threat


11/20. Evolving approaches to chemical risk assessment workshop

11/20. Doubts hit FDA handling of benzene in soft drinks

11/20. Gas equipment firm achieves highest food standard award



11/20. Korean protesters disrupt public testing of U.S. beef

11/20. Baby milk allergies 'are misdiagnosed'

11/20. Experts address measures to curb rise in food allergies

11/20. Fraud exposes British to mad cow disease

11/20. BSE Meat Could Be On Sale Throughout UK

11/20. Communication Delays May Have Led To E. coli Death

11/20. New Device Protects Consumers From E.Coli

11/20. FSA stands by Spanish Salmonella claims


11/19. Many U.S. Adults Have Food Safety Concerns

11/19. Kennedy campaigns on food safety

11/19. ISU Takes Food Safety Web Site to New Levels

11/19. Local Woman Accused of Poisoning Sandwiches

11/19. Chinese negotiate minefield of food safety issues

11/19. PhD and MS training program, Graduate Field of Food Science

11/19. U.S.-based cattle at Agribition for first time since mad cow

11/19. Foodsafe Partnership website gets a revamp


11/18. The truth about food fraud

11/18. The hazards of petting zoos - and reply

11/18. Eat spinach, despite bacteria scare: scientists

11/18. Eatery looks to future after death

11/18. E. coli link troubles McAlister's

11/18. After spinach outbreak, consumers worry about restaurant saf

11/18. Event aimed at boosting consumer confidence

11/18. Hershey acted correctly in dealing with problem

11/18. Why city kept public in dark over food scare

11/18. BSE - monthly reports of member states on BSE and TSE

11/18. Food and Veterinary Office - Inspection reports

11/18. CFIA launches feed investigation

11/18. Eggs stamped with a P indicating they have been pasteurized

11/18. Inspector searches Mexico Lindo

11/18. Letters to the editor: Fair process

11/18. Keeping diners safe: Life is so unfair

11/18. Proud to patronize inn

11/18. Owner: China Inn to remain open


11/17. Agency survey of US long grain rice for unauthorised GM material

11/17. New Irish distributor for FastrAK™ rapid pathogen detection

11/17. Health: Product Claims To Kill E. coli

11/17. Many U.S. Adults Have Food Safety Concerns

11/17. E. coli Outbreak Raises Food Safety Questions

11/17. Bacteria On Purses Can Sicken Owners

11/17. Soy not confirmed as salmonella source in Hershey recall: CF

11/17. Apple and oregano coating kills E. coli, say scientists

11/17. Foodsafe Partnership website gets a revamp

11/17. China culls ducks in latest food safety scare


11/16. "Domesticated" Microbes Flex Industrial Muscle

11/16. Agency lists butchers authorised to remove vertebral column in 24 – 30 month old cattle

11/16. Agency survey of US long grain rice for unauthorised GM material

11/16. FSA summit plans UK food terror response

11/16. Benzophenone still migrating into foods, says UK regulator

11/16. Atypical scrapie found in sheep in Britain

11/16. Spinach E. coli Outbreak Raises Food Safety Questions

11/16. EU proposes fees for food safety authorisations

11/16. Arable Land Polluted in China, Threatening Food Safety

11/16. Keeping food safe and clean

11/16. Trichinella in pork: current knowledge on the suitability of

11/16. Spain rejects UK infected egg claims

11/16. Norwalk virus cases spur warning: Frequent hand washing will

11/16. Water company sued over North Wales cryptosporidium outbreak

11/16. The sweet taste of truth

11/16. Unsafe eateries exposed on web

11/16. Raw milk can pose health risk

11/16. Gov't plays down fears over foreign eggs

11/16. Another decade of E coli danger unless funding rises

11/16. Salmonella contamination found in 3% of egg imports

11/16. Mice to test athletes' food for poisoning at Beijing Olympic


11/15. FSA surveys non-UK eggs for salmonella

11/15. Packaging inks survey published


11/15. Testing indicates arsenic in water

11/15. Hershey mum on salmonella source

11/15. Spanish eggs show top salmonella rate in survey

11/15. Alderman questions restaurant inspections

11/15. Ecolab Clean Hands(TM) Program Helps Customers Polish up on

11/15. A Uniform Approach To HACCP

11/15. Testing Shows Contaminated Food In Stores

11/15. Ghana: Food, Beverage Producers Urged to Ensure Food Safety

11/15. Salmonella typhimurium disseminates within its host by manip

11/15. Food safety experts review control measures


11/14. USDA Helps Americans Be Food Safe This Thanksgiving

11/14. Sudan Red found in Chinese duck eggs

11/14. Nano ink indicates safety breach in food packaging

11/14. Cleaning blamed for Jersey milk scare

11/14. High red meat intake may increase risk for breast cancers

11/14. Lambert heads to Asia to press for U.S. beef

11/14. Health Dept. reports ninth case of E. coli

11/14. Poland must bring order to meat export control system

11/14. Duck eggs pulled off shelves after dye scare

11/14. Attacking Allergies

11/14. Activated-carbon Filtering Pitcher Significantly Reduces Che

11/14. Soil condition crucial in acrylamide production, study

11/14. Two bull moose test positive for CWD

11/14. CWD can be spread more easily

11/14. Mpls. Fish Monger Calls FDA Lawsuit A 'Surprise'

11/14. Pa. Researchers Work On E-Coli Test

11/14. Radiation technology, a boon to agriculture and food process

11/14. Can Your Child's Lunch Box Be Unhealthy?

11/14. Unhygienic Food Stall Ordered Shut

11/14. Food chain a new terror target

11/14. Namibia: Family Felled By Foul Food

11/14. EU cracking down on counterfeit food

11/14. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

11/14. Food chain seen as new terror target

11/14. Man charged with infant formula tampering will stand trial

11/14. Schneider wins food poisoning suit

11/14. Discovery of salmonella in an Ontario candy factory has left

11/14. E. coli link steers some from deli

11/14. Breast Cancer Risk Linked To Red Meat, Study Finds

11/14. The Raw Milk Wars Heat Up in Ohio

11/14. Japan confirms 30th mad cow case

11/14. Natural detection: N.M. sleuths helped track outbreak of E.

11/14. Family reaches settlement in Salmonella death

11/14. Refund offered in Hershey recall

11/14. Gilford considers part-time health inspector

11/14. Public has a right to expect councils to act


11/13. Pesticide minimisation guidance published

11/13. Hygiene scheme boost for Scottish consumers

11/13. Legal challenge on GM rice

11/13. Genetics Research Helps Scuttle Scrapie

11/13. Cryptosporidium - Workshop - Next Course in Hamburg

11/13. The E. coli bandwagon

11/13. Counterfeit food a 'serious threat' says EC

11/13. Japan bans beef imports from Swift plant

11/13. Cornering the food litigation market

11/13. The biosurveillance money pit

11/13. Can RFID save the day for spinach?


11/12. Councils fail 'high-risk' checks

11/12. Readers explain why they should have the right to drink raw

11/12. FSA warns that safety standards must take priority on farms

11/12. Food safety messages for young people leaving home

11/12. BSE, bovine - UK: meat recall

11/12. Research findings on anaphylaxis and food, insect allergy un

11/12. He tests before you taste

11/12. Versailles dairy focal point of debate on raw milk safety

11/12. Chocolate factory fudges closure

11/12. Microtubule-severing activity of Shigella is pivotal for int

11/12. Hold the tomato


11/11. Ads tout produce safety: The Nunes Co. seeks to restore conf

11/11. Investigation into source of Salmonella in tomatoes continue

11/11. Dedicated R&D lab established to spur RFID industry in C

11/11. Queensland Food Safety Conference

11/11. Toilets underused to fight disease, U.N. study finds

11/11. IFIC study says U.S. consumers confident of food supply safe

11/11. Mississippi Queen resumes cruising after virus outbreaks

11/11. The raw milk wars heat up in Ohio

11/11. Today's special


11/10. Call it a recipe for cleanliness

11/10. The Freedom of Information Act and hygiene inspection report

11/10. Bushwhacking bacteria

11/10. Irradiation could reduce food-borne illness

11/10. Production resumes on fresh-cut fruit

11/10. Butcher faces E.coli charges

11/10. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

11/10. Member States back a series of veterinary and food safety de

11/10. Food quality control experts to convene on Monday


11/09. Got questions? The Food Law Guy has the answers

11/09. Guessing next food recall worth big bucks

11/09. Hygiene scheme boost for consumers

11/09. Food Safety Consortium summarizes year’s work

11/09. Restaurant inspections to be made public under new Saskatche

11/09. Don't eat the spinach — controlling foodborne infectious dis

11/09. The great pig hunt

11/09. Syringe casings in meats held saline and blood thinner

11/09. Rotavirus infections linked to celiac disease

11/09. Cider's soul sapped, some say


11/08. Commodity specific food safety guidelines for the lettuce an

11/08. Maple Leaf Foods - Notice

11/08. Waterloo police called in after incidents of possible tamper

11/08. CJD (new var.) update 2006 (11)

11/08. Johanns to press Japan to lift beef-age limit

11/08. Creekstone Farms Premium Beef counters USDA BSE claims

11/08. FSANZ Annual Report and Corporate Plan now available

11/08. Man. website allows diners to see how restaurants fared in h

11/08. Health officer backs ban on Bubba


11/07. Restaurants investigated for health violations

11/07. Globalization, FDA cutbacks lead to increased U.S. food pois

11/07. Seal cracks in food safety system

11/07. Meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene

11/07. FAO -- Upcoming events

11/07. Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA)

11/07. Research priorities identified at TSE think tank meeting

11/07. New case of mad cow disease detected in northern Slovenia

11/07. Colombia and Peru open markets to U.S. beef

11/07. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

11/07. FAO/WHO Expert meeting on E sakazakii and Salmonella

11/07. Food outbreaks highlight need for diligence


11/06. Newly formed agro-security group responds to outbreak

11/06. Risk management

11/06. New FAO/WHO Guidelines on HACCP in small food businesses

11/06. Coming clean: hygiene scheme boost for Scottish consumers

11/06. Some sour on ban of untreated cider

11/06. Fake pesticides threaten food safety

11/06. Manure treatment cuts down on E. coli threat


11/05. On the farm-to-fork trail

11/05. The vegetable-industrial complex

11/05. How to make our food safer

11/05. Two enforcement orders served in September

11/05. Health-code violations force short closure of Hunan Wok agai


11/04. Northern plant shut down for selling uninspected meat

11/04. Stores helping to wipe out germs

11/04. Update - Advice to consumers - Salmonella in the United Stat

11/04. Fresh focus: Third-party audits can improve safety

11/04. Attorney calls on tomato industry to make food safe for cons

11/04. First it was spinach, then carrot juice, now tomatoes


11/03. Food safety project wins NP student national award

11/03. Grocery Stores Want Better Rules To Avoid E. Coli

11/03. Cera Products Tackle Food-Linked Diarrheal Illness Outbreaks


11/03. Zippy's wins state food safety award

11/03. FSIS apologizes to maligned district manager

11/03. Carnival ship fails health inspection

11/03. FDA tests facility where contaminated fruit was processed

11/03. Local ranch denies reports it's under investigation for E. c

11/03. Advice to consumers - Salmonella in the United States

11/03. Restaurant monitor

11/03. Safe Foods seeks FDA’s approval for cleaner

11/03. Keep public in food-safety loop

11/03. Warning: Be careful with your food


11/02. Revised Allergen Guidance Issued By FDA

11/02. Fresh milk recall adds to EU hygiene concerns


11/02. NLR food-safety firm signs contract with Saudi company


11/02. FDA posts acrylamide data

11/02. FDA exploring furan content of foods

11/02. Food scientists gather to ensure our safety

11/02. Fighting food borne illness locally

11/02. Small restauranteurs claim Health agency bias

11/02. Lawsuit filed in spinach death

11/02. Grocers enter produce-safety debate

11/02. Sprucing up spinach's tainted reputation

11/02. Connecting farm to fork - A one-stop resource for informatio

11/02. New Zealand food laws approved

11/02. Vegetables top suspect in Salmonella outbreak


11/01. Chlorate Compound Found to Quell Microbes in Meat Animals

11/01. Jersey milk recall adds to dairy hygiene fears

11/01. Prior Salmonella Outbreaks Associated with Tomatoes

11/01. Suit Filed In Death

11/01. Fresh ammo to kill rogue prions

11/01. Food safety improvements underway in China

11/01. Researchers Developing New Strategy To Combat Prion Diseases

11/01. Oyster season delayed in some bays

11/01. Clark: Opening Of Food Safety Authority Conference

11/01. Irradiation in Japan

11/01. Outbreak provides stage for irradiated produce

11/01. Editorial: Food irradiation needed to protect consumers

11/01. Are we paying the price for not using the most effective

11/01. How to avoid tainted produce

11/01. Quotable Quotes

11/01. Farmers' markets form national body

11/01. Birdwatching, Government style

11/01. Local grocers protect customers from food illnesses

11/01. Farm Bureau calls for increased food safety standards

11/01. Q&A - Produce safety: Washing not always effective

11/01. Home or away? Investigation of Salmonella Enteritidis PFGE

11/01. CFIA: Notice to food editors

11/01. Salmonella cases reported in the Upstate

11/01. Local shoppers react to Salmonella outbreak

11/01. Produce group wants farmers to pay for inspections


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