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11/30. Pea flour can cut acrylamide levels in wholegrain breads, study

11/30. No plans to extend bisphenol A ban, says European Commission

11/30. Two Steps Forward, One Back for Gulf Seafood

11/30. Faster Salmonella Detection Still Requires Whistleblower Protections

11/30. FDA says Iowa egg farm can resume shell egg sales

11/30. Study: Beware E. Coli When Drinking Raw Milk

11/30. Georgia Extension Fights Foodborne Illness

11/30. Food Safety Legislation: How Will It Affect Producers?

11/30. 5 Reasons to Like the New Food Safety Bill

11/30. Senate Backs Biggest Food-Safety Overhaul in 70 Years

11/30. Will This Be The End Of Hamburger Disease?

11/30. Senate approves sweeping food-safety bill

11/30. UK: Cloned meat is safe – hypothetically speaking

11/30. UK: Survey of mycotoxins in cereal-based foods

11/30. UK: Agency welcomes recommendations arising from Mason Jones inquest


11/24. Home-preserves carry risk of botulism: Health Canada

11/24. Burger King Employee Diagnosed with Hepatitis A

11/24. UK: Coroner calls for stricter controls after E coli death

11/24. Connection between distillers grains and e-coli is anything but a foregone conclusion, say U of M scientists

11/24. Re-emergence of melamine-tainted dairy triggers alarm over food safety in China


11/23. UK: E.coli butcher 'sold rotten meat for years'

11/23. Local food doesn’t mean safe food

11/23. Produce Associations Withdraw Support of Food Safety Bill After Amendment is Added to Exempt Small Farms and Local Growers

11/23. Food Safety or Freedom? Government’s Zero-Risk Policy on Food Safety Leaves No Room for Compromise

11/23. Cargill Likes O57:H7 Vaccine Trial Performance

11/23. Q&A: Why the Produce Industry Opposes Tester

11/23. Our view on food safety: On Turkey Day, pass the gravy but hold the bacteria

11/23. Opposing view on food safety: Leverage the free market


11/22. Scientists Identify Mysterious Allergen in Wine That Causes Headaches

11/22. As Cheesemaking Blooms, So Can Listeria

11/22. Unbreakable, Unstoppable Jack DeCoster

11/22. Peanut, milk, egg allergen thresholds expected in 2012

11/22. Scientists call for mycotoxin screening in infant food

11/22. 76 million food borne illnesses last year. Really?

11/22. More Jack DeCoster

11/22. Meet the Four Categories of Nanofoods

11/22. Some “Lead-Free” Pottery Can Still Taint Food

11/22. Denmark: Cook the frozen raspberries


11/19. European Commission wants ban on bisphenol A in bably bottles

11/19. Walkerton study on continuing hypertension and other cardiovascular risks

11/19. Residue Gets in Human Food from Animal Drug Misuse

11/19. Tahitian Fruit Could Extend Meat Shelf Life

11/19. Vaccine program wipes out hepatitis A

11/19. Quesos Mi Pueblito Listeria Problems Bring Its End

11/19. PEI Listeria investigation continues

11/19. Chicken abuse alleged at largest egg producer

11/19. Reid Takes Coburn To Task For Blocking Food Safety Measure

11/19. Senate Fails to Vote on Food-Safety Bill

11/19. Reid recounts brush with food poisoning

11/19. Canada: No audit of meat plant inspectors done: Ritz

11/19. E. coli infection linked to long-term health problems


11/18. Chemical residues in food worry EU consumers

11/18. Schumer requests reusable shopping bag investigation

11/18. Video Shows Why Caged Chickens may Get Salmonella

11/18. European Union commits Sh3.2bn to food safety

11/18. Senate Lurches Ahead On Food Safety Bill, But Hurdles Remain

11/18. Senate Likely to Vote Today On Bill to Give FDA More Food Recall Power

11/18. Nebraska inspector accused of faking mad cow tests

11/18. FDA shuts down N.J. cheese maker

11/18. Will the Food Safety Bill Make Our Meals Safer?

11/18. UK: Meat from three cows aged over 48 months not tested for BSE


11/17. Lead levels in canned fruits and juices pose no health risk - FDA

11/17. Food Safety Bill Clears Cloture with 74-25 Vote

11/17. Using the Sun to Make Water Safe to Drink

11/17. Great quote from Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan on S 510 – FDA Food Safety Act

11/17. Feed Likely Source of Salmonella Contamination on Pig Farms

11/17. Cargill: E. coli cattle vaccine promising

11/17. Five Processors’ Seafood is Adulterated, FDA Says

11/17. Locavores’ fight food safety bill

11/17. 5 ways the food safety bill would affect you

11/17. Brits not fazed by food safety risks

11/17. UK: International conference to focus on food hygiene


11/16. Vinegar safeguards organic pork: research

11/16. Corporate Social Responsibility

11/16. DeLauro to FDA: Act on Alcoholic Energy Drinks

11/16. Food and Ag Groups Rally Against Tester Amendment

11/16. New Food Allergy Guidelines Set to Debut December 6

11/16. Bacteriophages Eyed as Antibiotic Alternatives

11/16. Food-safety bill worries some small farms

11/16. Should Small Farms Be Included in Food Safety Bill?


11/15. AMI Urges Senate to Reject Exemption Amendment to Food Safety Legislation

11/15. Bacteria Adapt: The Battle Rages On

11/15. It’s Get Smart About Antibiotics Week

11/15. Washington Dairies Target Antibiotic Resistance

11/15. Infant Foods Should Be Screened For Mycotoxins

11/15. Novel yeast acrylamide killer trialled by top EU firms

11/15. FDA: More time to comment on salmonella guidance 15 Nov 2010

11/15. Lead in Reusable Bags, E. coli Contamination Issues Raise Public Concerns

11/15. Food Fight: Will the Food Safety Modernization Act better protect us from contaminated food?


11/12. New food safety research facility opens

11/12. UK Makes Meat Industry Pay Its Own Way: Should We?

11/12. Groups Want Tester Food Safety Amendment on Senate's Plate

11/12. NEA to beef up rules for food caterers

11/12. Apple Cider Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed in Maryland

11/12. Irradiation’s future potential


11/10. Bisphenol A levels in food too low to post health problems

11/10. Getting Over Mad Cow is So Hard to Do

11/10. Listeria Inside Another Cheese Processing Plant

11/10. When Salmonella Rocks, Minnesota Rolls

11/10. Stevenson says European aquaculture should replace catfish from ‘filthy’ Mekong River

11/10. Wash reusable bags to fight foodborne illness

11/10. China food safety activist given 2 1/2 years

11/10. Myth of a germ-free world: A closer look at antimicrobial products

11/10. Good Question: Does Washing Fruit Do Anything?


11/09. Following Chicken Tracks in New 300,000 Egg Recall

11/09. See No Evil, Do No Evil, Do Nothing

11/09. Supersalmon: Are They Safe to Eat?

11/09. DeCoster again linked to Salmonella enteritidis egg recall – Why is this “habitual violator” not closed?

11/09. Australia: Sewage flowing past desal plant

11/09. Bravo Farms aiding FDA, CDC to find E. coli source

11/09. Australia: Watchdog detects chemical BPA in foods

11/09. Dangerous chemicals in food wrappers likely migrating to humans: U of T study

11/09. Audit finds sanitation problems at some Canadian meat, poultry plants

11/09. UK: Research call: review of listeria management practices


11/08. Studies to explore BPA effects on children

11/08. Chinese more worried about food safety than cancer- survey

11/08. No red or processed meat link to prostate cancer: Meta-analaysis

11/08. Raw-Milk Cheese, Listeria, and the FDA

11/08. TV Was Kind to Tomatoes in '08 Salmonella Outbreak

11/08. Lawyers Say Winning Egg-Related Lawsuits Difficult

11/08. Leafy greens present growing threat of food-borne illness, researchers say

11/08. DeLauro: 'Imperative' to Fix Food Safety System


11/05. Test consensus urged to avoid divergent opinions on substances such as BPA

11/05. Companies behaving badly: FDA has warned Baugher before about its processing of unpasteurized juices

11/05. A close encounter with China's sewer-oil trade

11/05. Who's testing toxic products?

11/05. Lecithins may reduce acrylamide formation: Study

11/05. Researcher Addresses How Mad Cow Can Escape Canadian and US Beef Detection

11/05. U.S. Beef Talks May Progress as Japan Gathers Mad-Cow Disease Risk Data

11/05. Canada: Food no safer than before tainted-meat scandal, union says

11/05. Texas Proposes Changes to Reptile-Associated Salmonella Warning Signs

11/05. State Vet: Maine's Salmonella Prevention Program is Working

11/05. Marler Clark Attorney Colin Caywood Calls on Bravo Farms to Pay E. coli Victims’ Medical Bills

11/05. LGMA Applauds New Government Food Safety Initiative

11/05. Maybe an actual audit would help CFIA with meat inspection numbers

11/05. Obama to Use Elite Team of Food Tasters in India

11/05. Concern for food safety as vet students pick pets over farms


11/04. FDA, USDA, Cornell University announce alliance for produce safety

11/04. Peer-reviewed Study Looks at BPA in U.S. Food

11/04. FDA 483 Inspection Report Sinks SanGar – Likely Causes of Celery Listeria Outbreak

11/04. Peanuts in pregnancy linked to allergy in babies

11/04. Malta – Report on Salmonella

11/04. Debate Brews on Legalization of Raw Milk

11/04. FDA Needs $5 Billion to Ensure Food Safety

11/04. Issa Says Food Safety Oversight is a Priority

11/04. EFSA says networking is key to emerging risk monitoring

11/04. New Zealand: Meat inspectors could be axed


11/03. Restaurant Closes For Good After E. coli Outbreak

11/03. Stanford bites Raw Milk in the Udder

11/03. E. coli thrives near plant roots, can contaminate young produce crops

11/03. Food Safety Act in Jeopardy of Stalling Out


11/02. FDA Awards Grant to Colorado to Further Food and Feed Safety

11/02. Pathogen Control and Functional Foods Among USDA Discoveries

11/02. FSIS issues revised recall directive

11/02. China Rejects Shipment of GMO Corn

11/02. Produce Guidelines Urge, Don’t Require Compliance

11/02. Louisiana Attorney Calls for Better Food Safety Supervision In Light of Recent FDA Report


11/01. Keeping In-Demand Smoked Salmon Safe to Eat

11/01. Nitrite May Inhibit Early Stage Colon Cancer Cell Progression, Study Finds

11/01. Meat processors should get ahead on STECS: food safety expert

11/01. Letter From The Editor: The Buzz in Chicago

11/01. NOAA, FDA Add Test for Dispersant in Gulf Seafood

11/01. Cockroaches: A Contributing Factor to Foodborne Disease

11/01. Common stomach bacteria may fight off inflammatory bowel disease caused by Salmonella

11/01. New egg safety plans unveiled

11/01. The risks of drinking raw milk; bacteria, parasites and theoretically rabies

11/01. China and America Battle It Out Over Food

11/01. Global BPA summit begins in Canada

11/01. Alert Issued for Uninspected Food in New York


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